The Installation of Cable Tray Forming Machine

If want to install the cable tray smoothly to the roll forming machines , it will be higher 2.2 meters than the ground, the distance between the top of the bridge and the ceiling or other obstacles should not be less than 0.3 meters. The width of it can be less than 0.1 meter, and the fill rates of crossing area should under 50%.

When the cable runs in a vertical way in the cable tray, at the top of the cable and intervals of 1.5m should be fixed on the bridge of the stent. If in a parallel direction, fix the cable in the first turn, tail and the intervals of 3~5m.

When installing in drop ceiling, vertical clearance of 80mm should be kept at the slot cover open side, utilization rate of slot section should not be over 50 percent.

The cable should be fixed when laying the line at the vertical and horizontal direction with the cable tray forming machine that is unlike the mental roll forming machine The four couples of cable lines use 24 root for beam or more than 25 couples main cable, fiber and other signal cable should be focus on the type and diameter of cable, cable tie beam some points.

If you want to install the cable tray well with the roll forming machine, you should know the tips about how to install the cable tray discussed above clearly, which is very important of installing and will help you do a good job about it.

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Post time: Sep-23-2017
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