The Deck Floor Roll Forming Machine Parts Price

Deck floor roll forming machine parts (steel bearing plate, building pressure plate) is made of galvanized steel plate by rolling roll forming, the cross section of V type, U type, trapezoidal or similar the shape of the waveform, mainly used as permanent formwork, also can be selected for other purposes. Deck floor roll forming machine parts is a metal template construction stages which can afford the entire construction load instead of template. Its role is to replace the template, braiding reinforced after directly above the pouring of concrete.

Deck floor roll forming machine parts is also called the pressure plate, so that basically is “pressure type” wrote letters represent YX followed by wave height, wave length, the finite width. For example, opening 690 building bearing board said: YX75-230-690 this is that pressure plate wave 75 wave from the 230 effective widths of 690. The closed version of YXB but YXB said sometimes not all that closed for floor boards, sometimes also can read “plate” you can according to the actual reading some comprehensive would add thickness.

Steel truss deck floor roll forming machine parts price is determined according to the selected models: prices are at about 105~200.Assistant material refers to the column edge angle and side mode, a flat stud: about 20 Yuan. Installation construction difficulty, area: General 15~22 are possible. Current understanding of the steel truss deck floor roll forming machine price is 140 Yuan / square meters. Each square meter bar containing is about 40Kg. To calculate the amount of reinforcement concrete depends on the reinforcing steel bar. Because the reinforced truss floor is the new products, there is no standard atlas or plane indicating method and the types of steel truss of the manufacturers.

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Post time: Sep-23-2017
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