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Why Do We Need Roll Forming Machine

Release date:2014-06-23

This rural economy is based on the energy consumption and a lot of waste, it is characterized by extensive management and can not adapt to the needs of the new development situation. Therefore, we must strengthen the whole society especially rural energy consumption management, do a good job of the energy conservation, energy efficiency, and establish the resource intensive rural economy. Coal is the main body of the provincial towns, rural industrial production and of life, it accounts for more than 80% in the civil energy consumption. Backward for a long time, because the behindhand combustion mode, many towns and villages are still using bulk raw coal burning up to now, which cause low heat energy utilization, too much energy waste and environmental pollution, known as the "tiger" coal. One of the effective measures to change this phenomenon is to promote the use of the roll forming machine.

Practice has proved that in rural towns, promote honeycomb briquette (also called coal cake, usually rush out of numbers of hole in the cylindrical pie) roll forming machine, especially the higher ignition honeycomb briquette, it can make the heat energy utilization rate increased from 10% to 30%, 50% to 70% reduction of carbon monoxide, reduction of sulfur dioxide by 40% (reinforcement sulfur agent), harmful ingredients can be reduced by 60%, it is one of the effective measures to save energy and improve the environment.

Outside of China there are 900 million farmers in the rural town, many poorer people are using honeycomb briquette. There is a honeycomb briquette factory in almost every township, some villages and towns has several factories. Investigating its reason is that honeycomb briquette has advantages such as low cost, easy production, convenient than loose coal use, thus it has been well sold for two years. But since last year, coal prices get higher and higher, honeycomb briquette cost price increase, many people feel unbearable. How to reduce the cost of honeycomb briquette has become the urgent matter.

This design is to solve the technical problems of the existing honeycomb briquette roll forming machines and provide a kind of a new kind of honeycomb briquette roll forming machine which has simple and compact structure, low manufacture cost, high efficiency, long service life, simple operation and less parts. At the same time I can improve the production ability of practical knowledge, master the methods and steps of product development design, improve the ability of data access and design manual, be familiar with mechanical design standards and specifications of the products.

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