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What is Purlin Roll Forming Machine for Sale?

Release date:2014-06-27

Most people will ask, what is purlin roll forming machine? Roll forming machine is used to pressure grinding cement, steel and other materials, finished products and ultimately their equipment. The purlin roll forming machine is used to make purlin machinery. With purlin used in construction, there are a lot of roll forming machines for sale on the market. Next, we come to know purlin roll forming machine from the four aspects.

(1) Working principle
The purlin roll forming machine is designed based on the principles of grinding material bed, and there are several features of it, including high-pressure, full-speed, full of material, material bed crushing. The purlin roll forming machine composed of the synchronous rotation of two opposing squeeze rolls, a fixing roller and an active roll. Steel and other materials are given in from the top two rollers, squeezed between rollers into a continuous roll, after receiving high pressure into dense cake discharged from the machine. The discharged cake contains a proportion of fines product. Inside the unfinished particles, there are a large amount of cracks, improving materials' grind ability and greatly reducing the grinding energy in the further grinding process.

(2) Constitute
The purlin roll forming machine consists of frame, two rolls, gears, torque bearing, roller covers, feeding device, hydraulic (pressure) system, main bearing lubrication system, grease lubrication systems, electrical systems and other components . In these components, rolls, gears, roller cover, feeding devices, hydraulic systems and other equipment are key parts. Typically, when using purlin roll forming machine, we need to give enough attention on these important parts , because once a problem with some of these sites emerges, it will affect the overall operation of the device and cause serious damage to the equipment directly.

(3) Advantages of using device
People are increasingly using purlin roll forming machine as production equipment, which is inseparable from the device itself advantages. Applications of purlin roll forming machine can significantly improve product yields. Using roll forming machine grinding materials can also reduce power consumption. Compared to the same production capacity and tube mill roller presses, roll forming machine has simple structure and small size, weight light can save space and reduce investment. In addition, when the noisy is also lower than the same type of equipment, it will cause production more flexible environment and reduce geographical restrictions.

(4) Routine maintenance
Even the best equipment can not be separated from routine maintenance, thus routine maintenance is also very important for purlin roll forming machine, including periodic inspection and fault repair. Daily or periodic inspection for a period of time in different parts of the device to be checked to ensure proper use of equipment, of course, this section also includes daily cleaning and lubrication operations. The breakdown maintenance of equipment includes excessive vibration, poor hydraulic systems, high bearing temperatures and large parts of the two-roll gap adjustment and maintenance. Understanding of these contents, we will have deeper understanding of the purlin roll forming machine and if you want to master complete use, you also need to understand their information-related equipment.

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