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What Do You Know About Purlin Roll Forming Machine Operation?

Release date:2014-06-16

Do you know purlin roll forming machine operation? It is essential to know purlin roll forming machine operation and roll forming machine manufacture if you want to take up this career. Roll forming machine is of overriding importance in the process of building and other industry field. Among the various types of roll forming machine, purin roll forming macine and cable tray roll machine are especially important.

Profile type coal energy of coal in our country, occupies an important position. And in a certain period of time, this situation will not change. In addition, with the improvement of mining mechanization degree unceasing, pulverized coal in the proportion of the raw coal is becoming more and bigger. Pulverized coal rate increases not only reduce the coal combustion efficiency, and heavily polluted the environment. Developmental coal is to improve the utilization rate of pulverized coal and important way of reducing environmental pollution. The choice of cable bridge load level when choosing a cable bridge load level, cable tray work uniformly distributed load should not be greater than the selected uniformly distributed load rating of the cable bridge load level, if the actual span cable tray of steam-water is not equal to 2 m, the uniformly distributed load work shall meet the requirements.

In steam-water various components and meet the corresponding load conditions, the size should be with a straight run of tray, ladder, curved series matching. The material of cable tray is common in the cable bridge engineering of another problem. According to the materials, divided into steel, glass steel and aluminum alloy are the main types of cable tray. The characteristics of glass fiber reinforced plastic cable tray are light quality, only a quarter for carbon steel. Good water resistance and corrosion resistance, suitable for chemical plant. Aluminum alloy cable tray dimension, load characteristics are similar to steel bridge basic. In terms of cost, the aluminum alloy bridge cost is 20% higher than galvanized steel cable bridge, service life is 5 times bigger than the steel cable tray.

The specifications of the cable tray size selection engineering practice; in the choice of the specifications of the cable tray size problem is big, or nervous. How to choose the reasonable size of cable tray? The civil construction electrical design specification in 8, 10, stipulated in article 7: "total cross-sectional area and the cable tray in the ratio of cross-sectional area, power cable should not be greater than 40%; control cable should not be greater than 50%. Do you understand what purlin roll forming machine operation now is? The more you read, the more you will know purlin roll forming machine operation. Only by learning the theory of purlin roll forming machine and know how to take it into practice can you really master this kind of equipment.

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