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The Way to Choose Roll Forming Machine

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Someone holds this idea that how to choose roll forming machine is a size-fits-old problem, but no one can deny that it's also a basic problem we have to face when choosing a new roll forming machine. Today, I want share some answers for how to choose roll forming machine. Three aspects should be taken into account when we plan to choose a roll forming machine.

(1) Actual demand

It's the first answer of how to choose roll forming machine. The requirements that manufacturer request for final product, a single product or multiple products, which specific product, all of these are needed to consider. On the basis of this determination, we can choose proper and suitable machine to execute the production task in roll forming machinery.

(2) Key equipments

Assess key equipments of machine is the second answer of how to choose roll forming machine, five parts are contained:

① Steady weighing bin

The first step we should whether the weighing bin capacity design is suitable or not. If called capacity design too heavily loaded, the buffer room will be too small to affect the normal operation of the roller press, resulting cake quality of the roll fluctuations. Meanwhile, if the weighing loaded material is difficult to control and adjust, will cause the roller press vibration or jump stop. It's significant for how to choose roll forming machine well.

② Iron removal device

In addition to setting separator system on feed belt, there is need to set up on the feed belt metal detector to prevent the roller press roller's surface abrasion resistant layer material brought the issue without a net.

③ Slant board

It's important to consider the position of the roller press slant board when answer how to choose roll forming machine as well. Improper roller press slant board position will cause the material within the column inlet pressure roller press is too large or too small to affect a stable material bed influential.

④ Scatter grader

Scattered grader is essential part in roll forming machine and highly correlated to how to choose roll forming machine. Extruded material into the break up of its first fully grader beaten, beaten efficiency is too low if the final affect the formation of the product, or even damage to the equipment.

⑤ V-type separator

V-type separator is designed for supporting a roller press to break up and will roll into the cake came out of the press material broken up, and then divide qualified material powder after breaking up, conducive to the smooth operation of the roller press, improve system throughput, and has a drying function. Therefore, considering the device's V-separator performance is an important content for how to choose roll forming machine.

(3)Actual situation

The actual situation of the company is the third answer of how to choose roll forming machines. Meanwhile when choosing an new equipment, the corporate financial, material and human sources needs to be considered carefully.

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