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The Story of the First Metal Roll Forming Machine

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The first metal roll forming machine is introduced in the 1940s for the production of metal strips that are widely used in machinery production. In the early purlin roll forming machine models, the casting rolls are arranged in a horizontal manner and the roll forming materials are fed from below by means of a feeder tip with a roll diameter of more than six hundred millimeters as the rolling metals are clamped together with a force of approximately eight thousand kN. It is reported that in the case of the first metal roll forming machine, the strips produced from this type of machine is relatively thick and wide when they are compared with the production requirements even though a variety of purlin roll forming machine can be used for producing metal strips as well as sheets.

In a typical rolling mill, the feedstock and the end product can be ensured in terms of required thickness in spite of the fact that the purlin roll forming machine separating force is normally more than an upper roll caster with a single roll. As a matter of fact, the supply of purlin roll forming machine metal is delivered to the surface of the raw materials that is water cooled in the purlin roll forming machine chamber while the molten metal is dragged onto the surface of the lower roll to form a thin strip of metal that will cool down on the surface of lower roll. The horizontal purlin roll forming machine without any doubt with copper rolls has been used for manufacturing metal sheets for some time so far even though the separating force of its roll caster has not been improved in recent years.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that The roll forming speed of this type of purlin roll forming machine is about fifteen meters per minute, which is more than ten times quicker than that of the conventional purlin roll forming machines. Also, to be more specific, the vertical type purlin roll forming machine can be used for producing relatively thin metal strips since it is capable of reaching a speed of 100 m/min and the strip produced from this type of purlin roll forming machine can be typically less than three millimeters thick although the choice of the purlin roll forming machine mainly depends on the quality and types of the roll forming products that are needed in the manufacturing companies, both the horizontal and the vertical purlin roll forming machine would be rather useful because of its high roll speed if we are considering the practical manufacturing process since the coiled strip will be hot rolled again.

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