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The Related Accessories of Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

Release date:2014-06-23

The emergence of double layer roll forming machine, this kind of equipment, greatly saves the space, change the time of two kinds of plank is become shorter, also improve the productivity, but at the same time, due to the relatively crowded, difficult to install auxiliary roller frame, difficult to regulate and check the molding conditions. In order to adapt to the product of two layers of double, cutting die there are also two layer height, cutting die rear end product processing equipment to be adjusted, so as to adapt to the two plate export level. To satisfaction in the limited area of the need of forming the two section, can quickly transform products, tile press double mill (double steel watts forming machine, double integration equipment) was designed and manufactured, the double steel watts molding machine is between the high or low frame transformation, produce a kind of color steel plate installed on the lower frame of contour, producing a roll of another kind of plate installed in high rack above, the production line, a cutting press, if the color plate feeding the lower roll, forming a plate type (e.g., bungalows with the pack), such as material feeding top roller, and forming another section (layers).

Double layer roll forming machine accessories equipment is:
1, steel embossing machine, color steel tile press workbench has six process, (namely the six-party wheel) of table, have a first-class mechanical index, positioning, also set up a set of precise positioning, fully ensure every time stamping process, the workbench mould of accurate positioning, install the sliding table is enclosure structure of upper die, slide guide and fuselage on the guide, contact length, upper die each time stamping, process of mud on the billet is a secondary stamping die pressure tile billet in place for the first time, after the rise of upper die 10 ㎜.

2, embossing machine
USES the overseas advanced technology, stainless steel, and the iron, tubing and so on aluminum carry on the various processing (flat, round flowers, big headdress flower, frangipani, process design), the diameter range can be processed (12 - phi phi 114 mm), thickness (0.3 ~ 2 mm). The embossing technology has the processing quality well, the cost is low, the efficiency high characteristic, is processes each kind of tubing flower tube the ideal choice!

3,Roll forming machine
Is a kind of roll forming machines in each frame and cantilever on the drive shaft is equipped with upper and lower rolls. The working process of the double layer roll forming machine: Open book - flattening (film) - embossing - squish - recoil.

Double layer roll forming machine accessories equipment:
Hydraulic uncoiler and coil car, 5 tons.
The Pre - flattening equipment.
The main embossing machine(2 sets of roller).
After flattening equipment.
Tension machine.
Hydraulic coiler reel: 5 tons

Above information for double layer roll forming machine accessories, you should know the double layer roll forming machine of hot also drive the other roll forming machine for sale. If you want to know more information then continue to focus on us.

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