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The Measuring Station of Steel Roll Forming Machine

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How does roll forming machine work? In general, steel roll forming machine is so modified that it can work well in accordance with a certain type of sheet metal from which the roll forming plate is made. In case of ordinary sheet metal, only the steel roll forming machine ribs are impressed and the sheet metal edges are closed by pressing even though in case of stainless sheet metal the conditions are largely different. In addition, the steel roll forming machine sheet metal might be bent into the opposite direction so that the pressed piece can meet the esthetic and technological requirements proposed by the buyers.

Therefore, in the steel roll forming machine measuring station, the steel roll forming machine plate is in general processed along with the help of three axis machine that is curved on the longitudinal and transverse directions whose profiles have the form of a bow. By doing so, the steel roll forming machine deviation on the extreme external parts of the longitudinal profile can be minimal while the middle values of deviations on the transverse profile can be maximized in the extreme external points.

What is more, on the steel roll form machine model that is used for simulation, the measured values in the longitudinal profile can be measured in the middle, which requires the material data from the tension test that cannot be measured in common facilities. After the properties and differences of both steel roll forming machine stainless and low carbon sheet metal in the field of roll forming are investigated, the numerical simulation method can be used to have a simple deep drawing case to get further verifications.

The identifications are required with different roll forming material models to achieve desirable results, especially for stainless steel and the steel roll forming machine surface condition that can be manufactured by a roll caster under a high casting temperature. It is seen that the surface of the steel roll forming machine can be used for shielding strip casting process in spite of small cracks that are difficult to be identified with the naked eye. And it is considered that occurrence of the cracks mainly depends on the cooling rate of the steel roll forming machine in the manufacturing process between the mid of cast sheet and upper roll side parts. We believe that the solid fraction of the steel roll forming machine mid part is less than that of the upper roll surface side with a different deformation resistance in the roll surface parts. The above mentioned principles and mechanism of course helps more people to understand how does roll forming machine work.
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