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The Maintenance of the Roll Forming Machine

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Maintenance is a necessary and crucial procedure for any machines, including the ordinary roll forming machines. The purpose of checking roll forming machine is to prolong the using period of the roll forming machine in China. In addition, checking roll forming machine is also able to avoid changing and maintaining the device frequently, which leads to large maintenance cost for the users of the roll forming machine. Therefore, checking roll forming machine is of great importance to users.

The expensive price of the roll forming machine always make people be hesitate to purchase it. However, apart from the price of the roll forming machine itself, the maintenance cost of the roll forming machine is also expensive as well. However, if we pay more attention to checking roll forming machine regularly in our daily life, there is no need to change a brand new and expensive one or spend a lot of money in maintaining the devices. However, how to check roll forming machine? The specific maintenance steps are as follow.

1. Check whether the main body of the roll forming machine is full or not before starting the roll forming machine. And remember to check whether there is loose phenomenon of the electrical engineering and whether the electric devices have stable ground base.

2. Check the connections among vibrating frame, molding box as well as sliding pieces, shaker as well as beam of the press head, feeding part as well as main body. And check whether there is any loose phenomenon of the connecting bolts among them.

3. Check the linkage of all flexible parts and add to lube in time according to the operation condition of the roll forming machine. The function of the lube is to reduce the friction caused by the wear off of the roll forming machine in the middle of running it.

4. It is forbidden to run the vibrator with zero loads, which will cause oil waste and lead to the abrasion of the roll forming machine.

5. After finishing the regular work every day, it is necessary to restore all parts of the roll forming machine to original state. And it is necessary to clean all parts of the roll forming machine to prevent the concrete from accumulating on the roll forming machine. However, do not use water to clean the roll forming machine, because that the water is easy to corrode the machines.

6. It is necessary to check roll forming machine by changing the lube oil of the shaker as well as reducer frequently and to pay attention to the maintenance at regular intervals. The shaker device needs to tear apart to check, to clean and to change lube oil at least once in half a year.

7. And the control cabinet of the electric device as well as control parts should be carried out damp proof, sun proof as well as dust proof measurements.

8. Remember to check the magnitude of the baseboard. If there are faults of the roll forming machine, repair is immediately because the faults are able to cause blockage and do harm to the roll forming machine.

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