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The Kits of the Deck Floor Roll Forming Machine

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The main deck floor roll forming machine kits are screw, cylinder, shuttle, non-return valve as well as nozzle. And they are playing different role in the middle of running the deck floor roll forming machine.

The screws are the important parts of the deck floor roll forming machine. Its main function is to deliver, press, melt, stir as well as clamp down the materials. All these are able to be finished by the rotation of the screws inside of the cylinder. In the middle of th3e rotation of the screws, the materials are able to cause friction to the inner walls of the screws, bottom of the screw and groove, acting surface of the edge as well as materials. And the push ahead of the materials is the results of this kind of movement. And the heat caused by the friction is also able to be absorbed to promote the temperature of the plastics and molten materials. In addition, the structure of the screws is able to influence the level of these functions directly. The ordinary screw structure is also equipped with separation screws and protective screen to promote the plasticization quality. The structure of the cylinder actually is a round pipe with feed opening in the middle.

In addition, in the middle of plastifying, both of the promotion and mixture forces are from the relative rotation of screws and cylinder. And it is able to classify the plastics in the screw and groove into three sections, solid delivering section, fusion section as well as homogenized section according to different states. And they can also be called feeding section, press section as well as measurement section.

Another deck floor roll forming machine kit is the shuttle, which is used to be put on the front end of the screws with torpedo shape. And the main function of the shuttle is to shunt the mixed plastic melt in the middle of plastifying materials. And the function of the shuttles also includes limiting the position of the non-return valve to promote the mixing function further.

And the rubber gasket also is a part of the deck floor roll forming machine kit. Its main function is to nonreturn. It is a deck floor roll forming machine kit to prevent the plastic melt form being leaked backwards in the middle of injecting. During the operation of the deck floor roll forming machine, the washer of the non-return loop touches each other and form a closed structure to avoid the leakage of the plastic melts.

And there is also nozzle, which is also a part of the deck floor roll forming machine kit. The nozzle is the connecting part of charging barrel and mold. In the middle of injecting, the melt inside of the charging barrel passes through the nozzle entering into mold under the promotion of screws. Therefore, the structure and shape, size of nozzle as well as manufacturing accuracy will influence the pressure and temperature loss of the melts.

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