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The First Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine

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Glazed tile roll forming machine uses roll forming technique and it can be used to create beautiful facade, firm panels that we usually seen in wall and outdoor ornament. Its progressive and innovative technique makes it convenient and useful.

Roll forming machine developed very fast in 1980s as a new type of cement grinding equipment, different from other equipments which consume large energy and produce noise, roll forming machine is known as highly efficient, low energy consumption and little noise for plant construction. The ball mill system yield is aroused by nearly half of it former figure.

Roll forming machines are very popular all over the world because it is able to produce roof panel or glazed tiles without manual control. As the first glazed tile roll forming machine supplier, our product has thorough after sale service, for instance, profile layout, assembling, trial running and training for operators. The machine applies heat wielding and wears layer maintenance makes it easier to operate and its grind ability is improved greatly and therefore it can compress small particles are compressed into tiny cracks

What kind of advantages does our roll forming machine have? First of all, it has an increased production. The system install roller presses and it has high pressure load can let the energy of the rollers largely squeeze between the material, also the friction energy and thermal energy can be converted into deformation energy and render the machine more energy to deform, tear, crush and grind the material. This brings potential energy to the equipment and thus largely increase productivity, reduces energy wasted and in this way improves efficiency of the system.  Secondly, lower power consumption. The whole system consumes less power significantly due to the improved condition subsequent grinding mill. Moreover, the machine can help to save your investment. Compared with tube mill, roller press, our roll forming machine has simpler structure, smaller size and lighter weight which can make the transformation easier, what’s more, it occupies smaller space of the factory and therefore save you a lot. Compared with other machine, ours is more safe and convenient in that the inlet and outlet is equipped with a security fence and a more stable extrusion which can reduce spread of dust. This can improve safe level effectively. Different types of glazed tile roll forming machines are able to manufacture glazed tile of different shapes, thickness and colors. Glazed tile has the ability to replace traditional as construction materials, it is widely used in many fields and getting more and more attention. Its low production cost and short building period, elegant looking and able to be reused. Some type of glazed tile roll forming machine is easy to operate because it has the ability to program the kind and style you want into the computer and the glazed tile roll forming machine will begin to make automatically. This can increase the accuracy and productivity.

Glazed tile roll forming machine is very popular in the market now and a promising future waiting.

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