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The Design of Roll Forming Machine Types

Release date:2014-09-22

According to the requirements of different products, also is different to the requirement of roll forming machine, roll forming machine types of design, construction industry has also provides a convenient. Roll forming machine molding equipment process technology: feeding stand = > feeding guide = > molding machine = > automatic hydraulic cutting = = > > straightening device loading frame = > computer control system of automatic production lines, the commonly used C/U/Z steel, decorative profiles, steel production, production line is easy to operate, save labor, high efficiency, stable operation, etc.

Cold bending roll type cold rolling forming machine is made of group gradient surface rolling, the metal plate at room temperature by continuous bending deformation as required by the final section of the sheet metal forming process. It’s suitable for mass production. Relative to the bending process, the roll type cold bending forming of high production efficiency, stable quality, the province electricity, artificial bending can be unable to produce complex shape. Such as: steel equipment, door frames, racking machine and production line, can also according to customer requirements design and manufacture all kinds of cold bend section steel, deformed steel equipment and automatic production line.

The design of roll forming machine type: Supply shutter device, roll gate machine, roll forming machine door screens. Customer machine \ customer equipment supply roll forming machine. Supply garage sliding-rising door machine, garage door machine, garage door steel mill roll forming machine. Supply of glazed tile machine, colored glazed tile machine, colored tile machine, you should color steel tile roll forming machine.

All kinds of sheet metal roll forming machine, main categories of cold bending forming unit design are: U C, Z steel units; Taken the shelf profile machine; Taken the keel machine, trigger; Taken the high precision beads slide unit; Taken the downspout button (over) the unit; Taken the cable bridge, highway guardrail unit; Taken the door profile unit (harmony doors, garage doors, fire doors, security doors, guide rail, etc.) U shaped unit (electric box column, car beam, etc.) Taken the other related equipment (rolling rack, slitting machine, straightening machine, etc.)

Rolling technology processing principle of roll forming machine equipment: It finishing machining is a kind of pressure, is the use of metal in cold plastic deformation characteristics of normal temperature condition, using the rolling tool exert some pressure on the surface, make the surface of metal work piece produces plastic flow, fill in to the original residual dips troughs, and achieves the work piece surface roughness value reduced. By rolling the surface layer of metal plastic deformation, make the surface cold hardening and grain fine and dense fibrous formation, and formation of residual stress layer, hardness and strength increase, so as to improve the surface wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and coordination. Rolling is a kind of no cut plastic processing methods.

Thus it can be seen that the application of the roll forming machine in the construction industry has played a very important role, the important status of roll forming machine is due to the diversification of the types of roll forming machine design, provides a variety of products. Science and technology is the core of the era of progress, the development of the types of roll forming machine design, the construction industry is the core of the development and progress.

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