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The Design of Deck Floor Roll Forming Machine

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Nowadays, modern construction industry has experienced a fast evolution and the steel construction material has been widely used. So roll forming machine appears vital to these construction material suppliers. Deck floor roll forming machine is aimed at manufacturing steel structural floor panel and ensure the feature of reliable and convenient operation. The floor panel has been extensively applied to many different building like skyscraper, residential apartment and bridge. In order to meet the requirement of customers, the manufacturers always use the most advanced science and technology. Therefore, the design project needs a high standard and we will discuss ordinary design projects in this article.

Deck floor roll form machine always applies to manufacturing steel material to different buildings. Deck floor have to meet the requirements for rapid construction of steel structure, which can provide a firm platform in a short period. It may be applied to pave profiled steel sheet with a plurality of floors simultaneously and implement flow repetitive construction operations like stratified concrete slab pouring. In the service stage, the deck floor is regarded as tensile reinforcement of concrete floor, which is increase the stiffness of the floor and save the using amount of steel and concrete. Embossing on surface of contour plate can generate greatest binding force between deck floors and concrete which makes the combination as a whole, together with strength rib, it will ensure high bearing capacity of floor deck system.

The design project includes these parts: machine components, technological parameter and technical process. According to deck floor roll forming machine manufacturer, primary machine components contain 5 tones Manual Uncoiler, main roll forming machine, hydraulic station, and control box and output table. This machine primarily consists of following systems: forming system, cutting system and electrical control system. The material width of coil is 1250mm and the material thickness is 0.4-0.7mm, and there are 14 roller stations to support forming system with 6-15 m/min rolling speed. The roller material is 45# steel with 0.02-0.05mm electroplating. The main motor will provide 15kw power to support forming system and hydraulic cutting power just needs 5.5KW. The cutting system uses CR12Mov as cutting material and it can keep tolerance within +-1.5mm. As for the electrical control system, it needs 380v and 50Hz electrical source with 3 phases. Meanwhile, it will use PLC (Panasonic) as its control system. After technical parameter design project, we will introduce specific technical process. First step is uncoiling the steel material, then feeding it into the roll forming machine. Next, leveling the machine to make sure that roll forming can proceed smoothly. After the preparatory stage, it will proceed to deck floor roll forming and cutting stage. Finally, the finished products will stay at output table in the end.

Recent years, many different types of deck floor roll forming machine come to the fore. For example, glazed tile roll forming machine is a typical one which is commonly used in domestic and international construction industry. It consists of uncoiler and its base, coil sheet, guiding equipment, film covered device, glazed tile stamping, etc. Its design project is roughly the same with deck floor roll forming machine.

In the design of high-rise steel structure, reinforced concrete structure is frequently used in high seismic intensity or very irregular high-rise. However, it is unreasonable to choose the form of core tube with casing outside frame which is bad for seismic resistance.  It is suitable and feasible to use giant SRC column around and use core framework system to support the structure. With greatest development of deck floor roll forming machine design project, high-rise steel structure construction even other buildings will be more efficient and have a better quality than before.
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