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The Description of Roll Forming Machine

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Roll forming machine is a kind of processing technology. It can make the original metal sheet become the specific shape that people want. It implements functions such as edge, flanging, trimming to complete the processing of metal products by placing different cutting tools. With the improvement of people's living standards, nowadays people’s demands for machinery, light industry, office and kitchen equipment, stainless steel products, as well as aluminum products have increased a lot, which makes China become an important production base of stainless steel products and aluminum products. So roll forming machine is very useful in present industry and it is also very important for us to research to improve the roll forming machine.

The equipment structure and control system of roll forming machine can be designed and made according to the needs of manufacturers. The mechanical structure is mainly composed by mechanical system, pneumatic control system and electric control system. The control system is consisted by pneumatic and PLC. In the design process of roll forming machine, people use computer to make virtual prototype and stimulation of roll forming machine to test whether that is any deviation of size, which can help people correct the unreasonable parts in the process of design and avoid the possible problems in production in the future. By doing this people not only can improve the efficiency of production, but also bring convenience to machine maintenance and to test in the future. In order to meet so many different kinds of needs of different people, there are also many different kinds of roll forming machine. Here I want to introduce one of them, called cold roll forming machine, to you.

Cold roll forming machine is a kind of technology which can manufacture cold bending steel product that has a variety of specifications, the shape of the mouth and hollow sections. The cold bending steel product has smooth surface, high accuracy of dimension, as well as the dual effects of saving material and saving energy. Therefore cold bending steel products are widely used in automobile manufacturing, agricultural machinery manufacturing and transportation industry, construction industry, etc. With the surging demands for the cold bending products, people’s requirements for the varieties, specifications, quality of products are improving continuously, which further promotes the rapid development of the technology of cold roll forming machine. Its molding process technology is improving continuously, and its equipment structure becomes more advanced.

The products of the cold roll forming machine have several different features. Its products become more special and light, and its shapes turn out more unique, in addition that its forming section is more and more complex. Its pint-sized products develop in the direction of light and complex section. Its large products such as square, rectangular and circular cold bending steel products used in the construction industry are developing in the direction of large section and thick wall gradually. The demand of cold bending steel in our country has increased year by year and has great market prospect. This requires manufacturers to adopt new technology and use different kinds of roll forming machines to manufacture different kinds of products to meet the diverse needs of market.

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