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The Deck Floor Roll Forming Machine Parts Price

Release date:2014-06-18

Deck floor roll forming machine parts (steel bearing plate, building pressure plate) is made of galvanized steel plate by rolling roll forming, the cross section of V type, U type, trapezoidal or similar the shape of the waveform, mainly used as permanent formwork, also can be selected for other purposes. Deck floor roll forming machine parts is a metal template construction stages which can afford the entire construction load instead of template. Its role is to replace the template, braiding reinforced after directly above the pouring of concrete.

Deck floor roll forming machine parts is also called the pressure plate, so that basically is "pressure type" wrote letters represent YX followed by wave height, wave length, the finite width. For example, opening 690 building bearing board said: YX75-230-690 this is that pressure plate wave 75 wave from the 230 effective widths of 690. The closed version of YXB but YXB said sometimes not all that closed for floor boards, sometimes also can read "plate" you can according to the actual reading some comprehensive would add thickness.

Steel truss deck floor roll forming machine parts price is determined according to the selected models: prices are at about 105~200.Assistant material refers to the column edge angle and side mode, a flat stud: about 20 Yuan. Installation construction difficulty, area: General 15~22 are possible. Current understanding of the steel truss deck floor roll forming machine price is 140 Yuan / square meters. Each square meter bar containing is about 40Kg. To calculate the amount of reinforcement concrete depends on the reinforcing steel bar. Because the reinforced truss floor is the new products, there is no standard atlas or plane indicating method and the types of steel truss of the manufacturers.

Closed type of deck floor roll forming machine parts price bearing plate YXB65-185-555 (B): belong to high zinc high strength materials. Need to roll for S350 galvanized grade. Spreading width for the 1085MM market have such little material, are made of 1250 points to do. The price is not cheap, because this is a special type, special materials. Our company offer 0.75MM thickness is 48 Yuan per meter. 0.9MM offer is 55.5 Yuan per meter of thickness of 1.0MM price 61 Yuan per meter, 1.2MM price 76 Yuan per meter.

Galvanized deck floor roll forming machine parts price is cheap and of good quality. It can prevent corrosion of the steel surface to extend its service life, on the surface of the steel plate coated with a layer of metallic zinc, the zinc coated steel plate called the galvanized plate; Wang dimensions galvanized plate: thickness deviation in general 0.05mm, length width deviation in general 5mm, the thickness of the plate is generally between 0.4-3.2; Wang galvanized plate surface state: galvanized coating process due to the different treatment, you should know the surface states are also different, such as ordinary zinc flower, flower, smooth fine zinc spangle, no zinc flower and phosphate surface etc. German standard also provides a surface level. Galvanized deck floor roll forming machine parts should have good appearance, shall not be used for products of harmful defects, such as no plating, hole, crack and scum, over thickness, scratches, dirt, chromate white rust etc.. The foreign standards specific appearance defects are not very clear. Zinc standard values: zinc is an effective method of commonly used galvanized zinc layer thickness. Japan and Germany, America standards on galvanized steel sheet galvanized volume table 6 - 7 - 4.

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