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The Cost of Roof Ridge Cape Roll Forming Machine

Release date:2014-09-04

If you are familiar with the industry area, you may have heard roof ridge cape roll forming machine as it is often used by workers in many occasions. Actually, the roof ridge cape roll forming machine is also common used in this field. Do you know exactly about roof ridge cape roll forming machine? How about roof ridge cape roll forming machine cost? Roof ridge cape roll forming machine has reasonable structure and easy operation, complete function, feeding, molding, epoxy resin, heating, trimming, slotting, as well as cutting off a plank. Roof tile forming machine adopts precision metering pump at low speed and frequency control of motor speed, (or infinitely adjustable-speed), computer control, accurate measurement. The automation control system uses high integration of network, which improves the performance of the automation system.

The roof panel roll forming machine can produce 40-300 - mm thick, forming, after molding, products smooth appearance beautiful appearances, uniform lacquer veins, high strength, durable, widely used in industrial and civil buildings, such as workshop, warehouse, locomotive shed, hangar room, gymnasium, exhibition halls, theaters and other surface and wall. Its components includes machine, computer control system, hydraulic pump station system, automatic after shear system. Roof ridge press equipment includes the machine computer control system, c-beam machine system and automatic cutting system.

The roof ridge cape roll forming machine's structure and material are as followings: The cold bend section steel is the main material; the production of light steel structure is made of steel or steel with cold bending forming. Payments mechanism enables its wall thickness to be made very thin, and greatly simplifies the production process, improve production efficiency. Can production, using hot rolling method is difficult to even wall thickness, but different cross section shape of complex profile and material type cold bending equipment. Due to the complex multi-link suspension structure, high cost, parts, assembly, and to reach the durability of the independent suspension, which always need to keep connecting rod deformation, displacement, pressure equipment, use in material and structure optimization are very fastidious, so the multi-link suspension is the pursuit of excellent handling and driving comfort as the main appeal.

How about the cost of the purlin roll forming machine and roof ridge cape roll forming machine? It is better to choose roof panel roll forming machine of high efficiency and high quality and perfect after service.

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