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The Brief Introduction of Roll Forming Machine China

Release date:2014-06-18

The Definition of Roll Forming Machine China
Roll forming machine china, also called case unpacking machine, is a dedicated device, which automatically finishes unpacking, forming and flexing under the bottom folding, at present finishes pasting the adhesive tape in the last part, opens the box board layer as the cardboard, converts into the bottom of the box according to certain procedures and deliveries to the packing machine after being sealed by adhesive tape. Automatic carton roll forming machine china and automatic opening machine are the flow-line equipments in which large quantities of carton automatically are unpacked, automatically convert into the lower cover and automatically seal the lower tapes. All the roll forming machine china adopt PLC+viewing screen to control which is greatly convenient to operate. As a result, roll forming machine china is essential equipment in the process of scale production automation.

The Main Technical Parameters of Roll Forming Machine China
Gas pressure: 4 kg/cm2

Size of carton: L 200-600×W 150-480×H 120-480mm(the height is standard height of the sealing of sealing machine)

Folding cover under the bottom: it can be used as the binning platform of electrical configuration such as the Dirk cylinder, Dirk regulator and Dirk pneumatic control valve and Festo air time delay relay. The bench height: the foot cup: 600-780mm(adjustable), trundle: 700-880mm(adjustable), the external dimension: L 1500×W 900×H 780mm(the foot cup)/ 880mm(the trundle), the weight of machine: 80kg.

The Characteristics of Roll Forming Machine China
1. The computers of roll forming machine china adopt the host computer chips of imported PLC, matched with liquid crystal display, fault self-diagnosis system of backup software and error correction function. The operation is very convenient and the control program is designed as fool type. You can take up your quarters and operate without any professional training.

2. The rolling forming machine china is driven by full hydraulic pressure with the step less frequency modulation technology in the country, which solves the fitness of all kinds of materials and blocks types to roll, forming machine china, improves the compactness of the materials and shorten the molding cycles.

The Methods of application of Roll Forming Machine China
1. You should choose plat surface to steadier the roll forming machine china and draw back the chassis feet to make the machine panel easily be observed.

2. You should insert the plug of hand-held sensing head into the socket of panel and screw it. Please locate the notch.

3. You should insert one plug of power line into the socket of the chassis plate and another plug into the power to supple the socket. Please you must use single-phase and three-wire system power supply. After the brief introduction of roll forming machine china, we believe that you will understand these basic information. Especially with the development of purlin roll forming machine city market, people will have a deep understanding of it.

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