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Some Regular Questions About Metal Roll Forming Machine

Release date:2014-06-16

Do you know what metal roll forming machine is? Here is the Roll Forming processing, we can also call it metal roll forming machine FAQ.

Metal roll forming machine FAQ: What's the definition of roll forming machine? Roll forming is refers to the metal by a series of special shape roll in pressure under the action of degeneration of the metal forming process. When through the roll, you should know the shape of the metal into the established, so as to achieve the purpose of the roll forming. Roll into the shape of a type including roll Angle, roll, roll U C steel and steel. Roll forming a lot of material can be used for, including composite material, black metal and aluminum brass alloy, copper alloy, such as lead, zinc and tin. The roll forming machine manufacturer is mainly used for processing parts with continuous cross-section.

Metal roll forming machine FAQ: How does roll forming machine work? The order of the roller is designed so that, i.e., each frame of the roller type can make the metal deformation, continuously until the final shape. If parts of complicated shape, available at most 36 rack, but the simple shape of parts, three, four frame is ok. You should know the roll forming technology in the production of large quantities of long pieces of the economy. Scope of the width of the strip is 2.5 to 1500 mm, thickness is 0.25 ~ 3.5 mm.By the shape of the machining parts from simple to complex, closing section.

In general, owing to the high tooling cost and installation cost, only production at 30000 meters above is made of roll forming process to the economy. However, for trial production of stainless steel with carbon steel profile of the roll forming machine is unclear. In this case, must be careful to prevent surface contamination or scratches, and equipment shall have stainless steel under cold work hardening and high rebound margin.

Metal roll forming machine FAQ: What is molding machine? Molding machine, also known as out of the machine is automatically performed unpacking, forming, under the bottom of the blade twist. And now to complete the part of the tape paste, open the folded cardboard box board, according to certain procedures or at the bottom of the box, then tape seal to wrapping machine after special equipment. Automatic carton forming machine, automatic box machine is large quantities of automatic carton box, automatic folding under cover, automatic sealing bottom tape production line equipment, machine all adopt PLC + screen control, greatly facilitate the operation, is essential for automated scale production equipment.

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