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Some FAQ About Mental Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer

Release date:2014-06-17

Mental roll forming machine manufacturer is universally used in the massive manufactory production but it is few known to the public. So today I want to introduce it to you in the form of FAQ.

What is mental roll forming machine manufacturer? Roll forming machine manufacturer, also known as extrusion mill, rolling mill, it is the development of international mid 80's new cement grinding equipment with energy-saving, high energy consumption, low efficiency of ball mill instead of pre grinding system, and the steel consumption is reduced and the noise function, suitable for new plant construction, but also can be used for the technical transformation of old factory, the production of ball mill system increased by 30 - 50%, after the material cakes extruded 0.08mm fines accounted for 20 - 35%, less than 2mm accounted for 65 - 85%, the internal structure of small particles by extrusion and full of many small cracks, grind ability greatly improved. The roller surface wear-resisting layer by thermal welding, repair is more convenient.

How does mental roll forming machine manufacturer work? According to the principle of mental roll forming machine manufacturer press grinding bed design, its main features are: high pressure, full speed, full material, material bed crushing. Roller press is composed by two opposite the synchronous rotation of the extrusion roller, a fixed roller, a movable roller.

The material feeding from two rollers, squeezed between the high pressure continuous roll to roll, by 100-150MPa, into a dense material cake discharge from machine. Exhaust feed cake, in addition to the fine products contain a certain proportion of the. In the internal finished particles, resulting in a large number of crack, improve the grind ability of materials, and further crushing process, can greatly reduce grinding energy. The material through the grinding roller is mainly divided into three stages: full material intensive, laminated grinding, pellet feed stage.

Main structures of the mental roll forming machine manufacturers
Mental roll forming machine manufacturer is composed of a frame, two rollers, drive device, torque support, roller cover, feeding device, hydraulic (pressure) system, main bearing lubrication system, oil lubrication system, electrical system and other parts.

Main characters of the mental roll forming machine manufacturers
According to the roller in the practical application of the cement industry, it summarizes the main characteristics as follows:

(1) increase the yield: installation of roller press in grinding system, the high voltage load by twin roller diameter to be transferred material grinding, most of the energy is used for mutual extrusion between the materials, material friction sound, generating heat energy is converted to material deformation, the deformation, tearing, crushing, can make the potential ability of grinding equipment into full play, to increase the output of 50-100%, the total energy consumption can be reduced by 20%-30%, increasing the overall system efficiency.
(2) to reduce power consumption: the use of roller grinding material,. Not only the size is greatly reduced after the material roll, bond work index decreased significantly, thus greatly improving the grinding condition subsequent mill, the unit power consumption of the grinding system decreased. The total power consumption of grinding system significantly reduced,if compared with the traditional grinding method of energy saving 25-50%, the annual energy saving considerable benefits.

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