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Some Details about the Maintenance of Deck Floor Roll Forming Machine

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Here we can introduce some details about the maintenance of deck floor roll forming machine. The methods of maintenance of the roll forming machines are as follows. Firstly, choose a flat table to place the deck floor roll forming machine steadily. It is possible to draw back the feet of the crate, which is beneficial to observation. Secondly, insert the head plug of the handheld inductive into the outlet on the panel and screw it tightly. Pay attention to the locating place of the roll forming machines. Thirdly, one end of the power line plug should be inserted into the outlet of the backboard of the crate. And the other end inserts into the power supply outlet. And remember to use single-phase three-wire power appliance. Fourthly, open the main battery switch on the backboard of the crate and switch on the power button.

When the green light standby is on, the deck floor roll forming machine is ready to work. Fifthly, press the setting button and then set a suitable value, which is generally between appropriate seconds. Sixthly, put the inductive head on the vessel cover and press the starting button on the hand shank. And then the red light for heating is on, which indicates that it is heating. Don't remove the inductive head until the heating red light has been off. Then, carry out next working when the green light for warming up is on. Seventhly, check the quality of the seal. Switch off the setting button according to different materials of deck floor roll forming machine, as well as the diameter of the vessel and working efficiency.

To clean the circuit board of the deck floor roll forming machine as well as the dust on the electricity box are the important steps for the maintenance. So that it can keep the electricity box dry to prevent it from being damped. Then, check whether it is any oil leakage of parts of the oil line, dealing with it in time to prevent scratch of the piston rod or deterioration of the roll forming machines.

Check the transmission part of the drilling crew, observing whether there is any wearing phenomenon of deck floor roll forming machine. And check whether there is blockage of grease fitting of roll forming machines. As for the water cooler, it is possible to clean it in time so that it can prevent the rising oil temperature from causing the oil texture aging. It is necessary to check the switch of the emergency exit of the circuit and insure the safety of the roll forming machines. On the other side, for the maintenance of deck floor roll forming machine itself, the value of a new one is reducing every year no matter you are using it or not. As long as the machine can still run smoothly, you can save lots of maintenance cost on it.

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