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Roof Ridge Cape Roll Forming Machine Replacement Period

Release date:2014-07-03

Roof ridge cape roll forming machine hydraulic system mainly includes two aspects of action cycle control and temperature control. Action cycle to complete the hydraulic elevator, automatic and manual counting time, generally USES the PLC control. Temperature control by temperature control table or A/D to complete using PLC, temperature measurement usually USES the analog quantity, control output using a low-cost way to switch on and off.

Roof ridge cape roll forming machine product features:

1. The liquid pressure as power source is not like traditional equipment using compressed air. Due to the compressibility of hydraulic pressure is almost zero, so the speed, the stability of the pressure was significantly higher than ordinary IMD molding machine.
2. The whole welding C type open structure, so the weld all passes to deal with the stress, and integration on the processing equipment.
3. The output of the machine in 5-20 can be selected,
4. The machine speed up to 250 mm/SEC, the impact does not exceed 80, normal conversation is equivalent to the office.
5. The machine adopts electric conversion efficiency is as high as 98% above, heat up quickly, small thermal hysteresis, even heating of the carbon fiber heating tube (the far infrared ray, made by the medical profession called the lifeblood of human), its life (continuous burning point) more than 6000 hours, or staff long-term operating the machine can strengthen the blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, enhance immunity.
6. The machine to control the voltage heating element (close to the setting temperature to reduce the power supply voltage, to ensure that the heat pipes in a state of light for a long time. How to prolong the service life and) shows the actual temperature and the temperature control in the plus or minus 1 c.

Hot pressing molding machine is introduced: With the rapid development of industrial technology, Roof ridge cape roll forming machine plays an irreplaceable role in the process of production. In the international market, hot pressing molding machine is one of an important component of the mechanical and electrical products, medium and small single motor industry export products are mainly for ac motor, alternator, and dc motor. At present our country all the year round for production of export manufacturers around 40, export areas and countries amounted to more than 60. So we start thinking about the mass production of the motor. General situation of the development of machine tool electrical control system: electrical control system with the development of control devices and development.

High power semiconductor devices, large scale integrated circuit, computer control technology, testing technology and the development of modern control theory, promote the development of the machine tool electrical control technology. Main show is: on the control method, from manual control to automatic control. On the control function, roof ridge cape roll forming machine is developed from single function for a variety of functions; in practice, from to ease tension heavy development. Hot pressing molding machine is through the compression, heating method makes the material molding press, used in the production of rubber stopper, seals, tires and other rubber products, the disposable fast-food containers, li recesses leave plates and other plant fiber materials environmental protection products, all kinds of large insulating pad, heat resistant pad, large polyurethane and other products. Use a very wide range.

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