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Roof Ridge Cape Roll Forming Machine Lifespan

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Forming the sleeve and propeller, forms the compression zone, materials in compression zone is a taper hole, as the narrowing of the section, pressure. Force increases gradually, the wear degree is very serious, if it uses cotton. Steel sleeve manufactured by heat treatment, normally only 10 a few work, wear casing, after working face of roof ridge cape steel roll forming machine is the internal hole, and bad repair, Adopting the overlaying or spray welding repair, process cannot be implemented.

At present the inside and outside has taken another plus for the wear of the lining sleeve for the small office method, the bushing is installed on the wear area, a worn just replaced, a small bushing is ok, then change the whole sleeve simple and section. About cost, but with general materials, small bushing life. High, the domestic only dozens of hours, South Korea's roof ridge cape steel roll forming machine (Beijing Soft imported a set of equipment) and only 1 more than 30 hours in recent years, I participated in the xi 'an Jiao tong university and the province, a factory. Purpose research work, and achieves certain results. At first, we use several kinds of alloy steel, including alloy, effect

The fruits are not ideal, and they take small bushing inner surface spraying carbonation. Tungsten alloy, but after spraying is not easy to processing molding, so does not to grant period effect, roof ridge cape steel roll forming machine tool bit later. I really think it important to use roof ridge cape steel roll forming machine.

Method of precision test after several hours, the result of the test set bit parts intact, but materials extrusion soft, wear no holes. Don't allow so many people, roof ridge cape steel roll forming machine lays in the gap between still wear serious, even. Brazing material mill finish and make the movement of the cutting tools that fall off. Although the test of roof ridge cape steel roll forming machine is not successful, it gives us an inspired and hard idea. This good red hardness alloy material, under high temperature and high pressure can indeed prevent wear soft material, we can make carbide factory.

Case must address the following technical issues: Little bush can't too long. Because of pressing, Fire of hard alloy is difficult. The technological requirements of length to diameter ratio cannot be too big, so the original design. Set size must be reduced. 2. Because of the hard alloy is expensive, so small male lining season: As far as possible to turn down volume. 3 small radial spindle bushing can do groove, must solve and fix the problem.4. The manufacture of cemented carbide should with size of diameter. More than a few questions we finally after much trial and error. The reasonable solution is according to the requirements of the roof ridge cape steel roll forming machine process, small bushing. Gauge length in meet the wear area, should be shortened as far as possible. On the basis of a large number of experiments and tests have wear zone length?

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