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Roll Forming Machine Price in Rural Market

Release date:2014-06-17

Rural market is a potentially promising market, because rural places need to be modernized and lots of equipment and means of transportation should be established. So we need to develop roll forming machine. So the trade of roll forming machine price in rural market should be negotiated twice before action. The company is a total solution provider of professional grinding system leading international. Company's main business is to provide equipment for cement grinding system of the powder selecting machine, the first half of 2011, sales of cement, mine roller press products accounted for the main revenue reached 95.95%. It is the company's main source of business. Superior to the traditional production process, roller press in saving energy and reducing consumption, improving efficiency has obvious advantages. Compared with the traditional crusher, roll forming machine price in rural market can save energy 20%-40%, electricity saving benefit is obvious; increase the yield of 50%-100%, enhance the production efficiency; can save construction investment, facilitate the transformation of the original grinding system; easy to large-scale development.

Mining industry to the roll forming machine price in rural market is worth looking forward to. In the mine field, can replace the bone crusher roller or ball mill, mainly used in iron ore and non-ferrous metal processing field, with the industry production capacity is expected to gradually improve, -2015 for 2011 years, the new demand for roller press iron ore and non-ferrous metal industry with about 7500000000 Yuan to 256 Yuan; at the same time, mineral processing industry brings about technical demand 4300000000 Yuan. As of September 30, 2011, the company has not yet executed mining industry order of about 180000000 Yuan, accounting for about 1.64 times the business income in 2010.

At present, the serious oversupply of production capacity of cement industry in China, technical requirements of business growth came mainly from the project has been approved and the old construction project. Application of roll forming machine price in rural market cement clinker in the market is more mature. But in late 2007, cement raw meal grinding system with roller press, finish grinding system accounted for only 5.6% of the new cement raw meal grinding system, to the first half of 2011, increased to 28%. As of September 30, 2011, the cement roller press contract amount has not yet been implemented for 1450000000 Yuan. It is about 1.2 times in 2010, the business income.

Rose for the project: breakthrough capacity development bottleneck, focus on high-end products market development. The company to raise funds mainly for large roller press system industry base construction, small system project construction industry integrated roller and roller grinding technology R & D center project, after the project will add all kinds of roller press capacity of 181 sets, new sales income of 1550000000 Yuan, the new profit of 390000000 Yuan. The first day of listing price is interval for 31.24-39.20 Yuan. We expect the company's revenue growth rate of 2011-2013 was 10%, 20%, 25%, three years of EPS were 1.42, 1.70, 2.14 Yuan. We selected the heaven and earth science and technology, Shandong mill, Taiyuan heavy industry, run China shares as comparable companies, with reference to the valuation of comparable companies, giving the company a 2011 dynamic PE is 20-24 times more reasonable, the first day of listing price interval for 31.24-39.20 Yuan. You should risk of cement roll forming machine price in rural market decline; mine risk roller press market development; risk of technology leakage.

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