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Roll Forming Machine Manual Contents

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When customers buy a glazed tile roll forming machine, the machine will be attached the glazed tile roll forming machine manual. It is a very important thing for the manufacturer who product the machine. The manual will introduce the contents that are glazed tile roll forming machine structure, working principle, assembly, the using methods and matters needing attention, machine debugging, and machine maintenance lamp. Glazed tile roll forming machine is mainly composed of feeding import platform, forming the host, punching mold type device, forming cutting device, hydraulic station, computer control system and so on several parts. The machine pause loading configuration including ordinary hydraulic feeding machine, automatic feeding machine, cut machine, finished product bracket.

Before the glazed tile roll forming machine is used, first you should check whether machine connections completed in everywhere, installation of bolts and nuts are tight, chassis foot lubricating oil, etc. Then it should be around energized to start the glazed tile roll forming machine. At the first the empty machine start to work, the user machine carefully observe the empty glazed tile roll forming machine whether it shakes, has the noise, the oil come into the machine and the parts movement coordination. Install the mold after all the things get ready. When installing the mold, there must cut off power supply, move the motor belt by hand or big gear, make workbench inversion and make the slide up to the highest point. It would be better to support an object between the workbenches and slide underside to avoid the slippery with natural whereabouts then that may be cause an accident.

Glazed tile roll forming machine needs to set many parameters the way is using the text screen. There are two kinds of equipment parameters and user setting in Parameter setting. Equipment parameters conclude that single pulse length, too impulsive, molding, molding time, and cutter and so on. User parameters are composed of the number, length, the first section, details, pitch, section number, and so on. For roll forming machine electricity usage, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points. First, the electricians must understand the workshop lines and the types of equipment performance, the performance have to understand all the things about the roll forming machine equipment. Second, the meaning of electrician set some time to check is to check the status of motor and electric control units. Once the electrician found the problem, they must quickly take effective measures to avoid the accidents.

Next, except for temporary electricity and protective measures may not be a temporary line; you can't disorderly hanging lamp, tools and welding equipment. At last, the previous line cannot arbitrarily change. Finally, according to the regular check care of roll forming machine products, you would completely tear down all the useful electrical product line. A simple introduction of the above information is the important content of several aspects of roll forming machine manual, under the guidance of roll forming machine manual, and customer will solve many problems about the roll forming equipment.

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