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Roll Forming Machine Maintenance Methods

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When customers want to buy the roll forming machine equipment, usually the roll forming machine equipment's maintenance spend is very expensive that could increases the cost of production, so the understanding of the roll forming machine maintenance method is a way to increase income. You can decrease the maintenance cost of roll forming machine through Introduces the roll forming machine maintenance methods to customers. Like the roof panel roll forming machine.

Roof panel roll forming machine is mainly composed of left part and right part of itself, at the bottom of the connecting rod, the top case, sliding seat, the six-party wheel, pulley, gear mechanism, slot wheel mechanism, CAM mechanism, lubrication pump, oil system, electric control parts, etc. This kind of roll forming machine of upper die stamping process: by motor through the pulley, drive the input shaft and pinion, big gear, shaft drive, through a set of driving CAM mechanism is equipped with upper die sliding up and down then press the materials to put out the products. The site of installing lubrication pumps in which on the both side of roll forming machine's case. When the machine is working, the tubing sends the lubricating oil to the every friction parts.

After understanding the compositions of roof panel roll forming machine equipment and working process, we will pay attention to the maintenance methods of the roll forming machine. In the first place, you should pay more attention to clean the surface of the roof panel roll forming machine. Transposition of working table is made up with the gears of the end shaft. It installs a lubrication pump within the left and right sides of the case, when the machine works, the tubing to the movement of friction parts lubricating oil. Technician starts to run the machine after understanding the machine structure and the performance and operation procedures.

This is a strictly forbidden things that is when the machine works no more than the minimum height (located in the upper part of the sliding box bottom the minimum distance 290mm, the surface of the work requirement is including the thickness of the upper and lower mold, two parts of the end of plate thickness and the thickness of the tile billet them no more than 290mm), molds should be designed according to this requirement in order to avoid machine accidents.

Smart customer must understand the other roll forming machine maintenance methods only through the roof tile roll forming machine maintenance methods of learning. All roll forming machine equipment is needed in work under strict operation requirements. If you want to make your roll forming machine which you buy on yourself have a longer service life, we must pay attention to the maintenance of roll forming machine. People should always observe that the sliding between casing and lubricating oil on both sides of the machine's body height. Equipment should often wipe, clean and have no water in the mud. When mastering the maintenance methods of roll forming machine, usually the customers will pay more attention to use and maintain the machine when in the process of using roll forming machine.

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