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Roll Forming Craft and Improvement

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With the improvement of people’s living standard, machinery, light industry, office equipment, kitchen equipment and other stainless steel products and aluminum products are in great demand in nowadays society. For this reason, the research and study on roll forming machine is press on imperative. By placing different cutting tools, a roll forming machine can implement many functions such as curling, crimping, and cutting to complete the processing of metal products.

First of all, what is roll forming? Roll forming which is a technology to design and manufacture a variety of technical models of color plates. Roll forming is an efficient, materials saving, energy saving and environmental protection plate metal forming technology. It usually used in metallurgy, automobiles, home appliances, building materials, metal products and other industries. High productivity, high material utilization, complex cross-sectional shape, suitable for mass production, equipment investment is fairly low, suitable for forming high strength steel and low cost. All the facts mentioned above are the features of roll forming craft.

Here are the structures of a roll form machine. The machine is a press sheet steel cold roll forming machine, comprising a frame, a top roll, a bottom roll and the guide rail. The bottom roll and the guide rail can install on the frame of the top roller and the guide rail mounted on a movable block positioned on the guide rail while the block is connected to the head board which install on the bottom roll. The top roll and one side of the bottom roll are equipped with roller locking devices. There are a top roller adjustment bolts and inflating nuts on the top roll.

When using the roll forming machine, first of all, the worker need to raise the top roll and then adjust the head board to a suitable position through the positioning block. Next is to put the processed steel sheet in the middle of two rollers and adjust the inflating nuts to make the steel plate pressed to the preliminary required shape. The last step is to lock the roller locking device and then the roll forming machine can start to work. When replacing the mould, the top roll should be raised and the mould tied on the roll. Then put the roll down, adjust the distance between the two rollers to an appropriate distance. Finally is to lock the roller locking device. The utility model has the advantages of rational design, simple structure, easy manufacturing and easy to change the mould.

In the market, there are a lot of roll forming machine with different types and purpose. Take the cable tray roll forming machine for example, by replacing punching moulds the cable tray roll forming machine can make various sizes of cable trays. Since this kind of roll forming machine has the accuracy robustness, they are widely used in factories and other building. Therefore, the supplier of cable tray roll forming machine will according to customers’ demand to offer different types of machine for them. Of course, all the cable roll forming machines are in high quality.

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