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Purlin Style Roll Forming Device Rural Market Online

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With worldwide environmental protection consciousness enhancement, the people is higher and higher requirement for valves and pipeline sealing, especially nuclear device and special occasions such as petroleum and chemical dredge pipeline valve must be to achieve "zero leakage requirements". As a result, the former Soviet union, Germany, the United States and Japan and other countries take the lead in the roll forming machine for sale application in valve, make the roll forming machine for sale as a new product in the first place in the aviation, aerospace, ships and nuclear industry applications such as military field, and quickly in the oil and chemical industries to promote. The purlin roll forming machine rural market is also in its development.

Roll forming machine for sale first used in the army of the west industry, such as ships, ships (send) the wind system, then used in trains, subways, mining and other civilian facilities. By 2000, according to the statistics, such as the United States office buildings, shopping malls, subway application purlin has amounted to 95.6%. Purlin roll forming machine rural market is 72.5%.Our country since the mid-90s introduction of the technology used in shipbuilding, along with the rapid development of economy, the use of central air conditioning increased year by year, exhaust air supply supporting continuously improve product quality, roll forming machine for sale in some pioneered the use of foreign investment, joint venture, purlin roll forming machine rural market also began to develop. Purlin no welding, no leakage, no leakage, low noise, small ventilation resistance, low cost, strong, beautiful features are known, Chinese customers gradually so purlin roll forming machine rural market has been a trend of fire and its potential rapidly, has been irresistible.

To the further development of purlin roll forming machine rural market, and used to make this kind of purlin forming machine technology and the way is very important, purlin roll forming machine is the production of the core equipment of purlin, generally by forming module, the transmission system, and control system of three parts. For the sake of good cognitive purlin roll forming machine, you must first to understand and know the purlin products.

Purlin roll forming machine, sheet look from the name, is a production of metal purlin machine, from the entrance into a kind of metal material, through the processing and forming machine, from the export has been designed in the shape of a fixed molding machine, achieve the desired purpose. Through the market survey can be found, purlin roll forming machine rural market has been seriously. The existing various shapes of metal purlin roll forming machine type and there are many kinds of production way, below is a common molding machine carries on the analysis comparison.

DFGl 10 type machine structure and principle: purlin roll forming machine rural market, by the take-up machine, auxiliary equipment, accessories. Corrugated roll mill by the guide lubrication device, pressure device, into the center of tube parts, thimble device, folding device, knurled device, transmission system, lubrication cooling system, the operating system, cutting machine. Assist device in steel reel bracket, spiral corrugated pipe support, spot welding machine, etc.

Steel belt pressure ripple through guide lubrication device, device, surround the core mold, the spindle drive, has formed a good steel strip after folding, knurling, compression joint process, forming a good spiral corrugated pipe is supported by spiral corrugated pipe support, according to the required length of rotation forward continuously. This kind of machine is very common in the purlin roll forming machine rural market.
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