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Purlin Roll Forming Machines Good Prospect in Modern Market

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China’s rural reconstruction programs make purlin roll forming machines have a good prospect in rural market. Orchards and rural farming requires a lot of reconstruction, and purlin roll forming machines are of advantages for purlins production, vine productions because of their simple and convenient features and easy to operate; environment protection and energy; durable; high stability.

Purlin roll form machine is based on a modern building facilities in rural towns and economic development needs, based on the general well- molding machine developed a new model, column machine, vintage machine, purlin machine, pillars machine, cement column machines, they are made out of cement products mainly used in vegetable greenhouses column, vine column, column orchards, livestock farms, planting flowers shed uprights, farms and so on. Compared with traditional handicrafts, purlin roll forming machines work efficiency is by 10-15 times with the simple operation, easy maintenance. The purlin roll forming machines can be designed a variety of models and sizes. Because of durability and cost-effective, cement purlins have wider application than wood and steel.

Rural reconstruction on the purlins are largely required, the purlins from purlin roll forming machines for brick structure housing should take the following measures:

1. Of pitched roof house, roof slope angle should not exceed 30 degrees; gable to the top of the eaves of the house should not exceed 1. 6m;

2. 7, 8 degrees of the bottom should be set with gable reinforced concrete ring beam levels, and the top of the gable should be set outside climbing diagonally reinforced concrete ring beam 8 degrees, there should be outside of the gable ridge with purlins of purlin roll forming machine china below the horizontal ring beam inter- reinforced concrete structural columns;

3. 6 degrees for the bottom of the gable of the hilltops should be set, and reinforced mortars should not set up a high window in the gable ranges;

Purlins support should be set at no less than 30mm thickness skids with the thickness of the wall width, length should be not less than 1. 5 times the thickness of the wall; skids and purlins department should be nailed to prevent purlin position and the bedding mortar should be laid under the skids;

Purlins from purlin roll forming equipment out of the gable end eaves should take full docking or using plywood or dovetail, cramp connection. Wooden rafters and purlins of purlin roll forming machines should be full of nails lap.
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