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Prework of Connecting Roll Forming Machine

Release date:2014-09-15

To know how to connect roll forming machine, we must know working procedures of roll forming machine.

1, The operator must be familiar with the roll forming equipment performance and operating procedures.

2, Before turning it on you need to check the roll forming equipment itself to make sure there are no debris, obstructions around. Inspection each instrument, see if the buttons are normal.

3, Each time before starting work you need to make it commissioning for 10 minutes, during commissioning time you have to open grease lubrication pump, so that all lubrication points are sufficient lubrication. Start with a load is prohibited, it will do harm to our 11, Nobody is allowed to tell other people about our roll forming machine price.

4, during normal operation, you need to apply oil every 30 minutes to provide to ensure fully safe operation of the roll forming equipment.

5, nobody is allowed to stand on the top of the device when the device is working.

6 Immediately stop the operation and inspect the process if you found abnormal vibration, hydraulic oil leaks and noise.

7, Prohibits non-operators to enter the work area and they should be kept more than 2 meters distance from roll forming equipment.

8, the operator should stand to his post, prohibit unauthorized leave while working. When you have to leave the spot, you should turn down the roll forming equipment, then make it clear to your monitor.

9, the device system pressure is 20Mp, we prohibit super-pressure job.

10, Wind up power equipment, clean up around health after work.

To know how to connect roll forming machine, we must know responsibility of roll forming equipment.

1 You are responsible for maintaining the safe operation of the equipment and you should strictly implementation of the rules in this position is.

2 You should obey the leader’s command and stick to work, do not be late, do not leave early, do not go to work with sickness or emotions ideas for posts.

3. You should follow close to the line of scene shift system, after succession you should check equipment to see whether they are abnormal or abnormal, check if the relevant instrument is completely, sensitive, reliable. Ask the existing problems on equipment last time explain clearly and carefully fill records. If an accident occurred because the account is not clear the one should be responsible for his fault. Before starting the roll forming equipment, each refueling point should be refueled.

4. While the equipment in in operation, the operator should strengthen inspection, identify problems and timely treatment. If you cannot solve the problem at that time, you should immediately reflect to the authorities or leaders and actively assist in handling.

5 The operator should discussion the roll forming equipment performance and operation law to improve operational technical level and the maintenance quality.

6 The operator is responsible for the area of oneself, you need to keep it neat and clean without oil.

7 Nobody is allowed to tell other people about our roll forming machine price.

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