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How to Know Metal Roll Forming Equipment Details

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Choosing metal roll forming machine should find the following key equipment:

1, Steady Flow Heavily Loader

The metal roll forming machines must be fully feed, and the operation must be guaranteed during the operation of filled material between the two rollers without interruption, and therefore the inlet roller presses the upper portion of the weighing bin and the steady flow action is necessary, the capacity of known design is not heavily loaded, or the buffer room is too small to affect the normal operation of the roller press, resulting in greater volatility in the quality of the metal roll forming machines. Also as well known, they are heavy to control the material level, if the material level is too low, the top roller press cannot form a stable material column, so called lost heavily loaded by gravity force feeding of material functions and easy roll forming materials drift phenomenon of people, thus cause roller press vibration or jump stop.

2, In Addition To Iron Equipment

The metal roll forming machine surface wear layer is easy to wear, especially for metallic foreign body reaction sensitive to the material feed roller, thus press people to be as thorough removal of iron. In addition to setting separator system on feed belt, there is need to set the metal detector on the feed belt. And in the production process, ensure that the metal detector and smooth chain feed system can quick response to the mixed material and remove metallic foreign body in a closed system to avoid the metal roller press with scattered grader consisting of continuous cycle repeatedly damaged roll surface.

3, Slant Boards

Improper roller press slant board position will cause the column of material in the inlet of the roll forming equipment pressure is too large or too small with the impact on the formation of a stable material bed. Position is too high for the material column pressure into the multi- roller press materials with large roll gap, the material will be crossed roller press or form too thick, increase the load of the next process, squeezing effect of variation with low product content; position is too low, a small column of material pressure roller presses the material into less difficult to form a stable solid material bed, lower production, serious cases may cause the device to vibration and cannot run.

4, Beaten Grader

Scattered classifier is a set of materials to break up with one of the new grading metal roll forming machines. Extruded material into the break up after the first grader can be sufficient to break up, which is to use the principle of centrifugal impact crusher. Contacting materials to break up the high speed rotation is accelerated late, and break up the material from the disc after the acceleration in the centrifugal force with the impact plate being in the back ground. Material crush into powder wind election district, and coarse motion state change is small, but large changes happen in fine state of motion, so that the coarse powder separate. If the effect of reducing the break up appears, considering the counterattack liner wear, scattered metal roll forming machines drive belt slippage move, as well as high grade material moisture by annular channel blockage causes.

5, V -Type Separator

V -type separator is designed for a static hierarchical roller press equipment supporting the use of scattered, left right out, coming out from inside of the roller to press the material into a break up cake of metal roll forming machines, and then after the breakup of qualified materials powder separate and are conducive to the smooth operation of the roller press, so to improve system throughput, and has a drying function. Simple structure of metal roll forming machines with long life wear parts can use a small amount of wind, small pressure loss; the fineness of the finished product can be controlled by adjusting the speed. Its function is to break up grader basically the same with more use of its supporting roller press.

Moreover, the roll forming machine price is over two hundred thousand Yuan, nearly one million are needed for four sets of bearings. With the design of normal lifespan in eight to ten years, as long as we usually strengthen equipment lubrication and maintenance, it will not matter.
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