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New Technology of the Purlin Roll Forming Machine

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Cement Purlin forming machine equipment manufacturer development of next-generation production different specifications, different shape of cement Purlin, cement pillars of forming machine equipment, and widely applies to factory, houses wall pillars, and highway fence, big shed and vineyard cement pillars of dedicated equipment, automatically walking, automatically forming, System Board speed fast 1.2-1.5 m/points, products smooth flat, and can while production 2-8 root hollow, solid and with reinforced and not with reinforced of cement products.

The steel roll forming machine is a suit of roll, and it can produce various kinds of c Purlin roll forming machines. This machine mainly by passive loading racks, leveling devices and punching device, after forming the interception device, computer control systems, hydraulic station. This machine used automatically fly saw punching, manipulation easy, and features. pressure machine c steel forming machine roller rolling of c steel finished has good of pulled bent pressure function straight degrees good, automatic set long cutting, automatically punching, automation degree high, installed shortcut Lee will, products can as medium industry civil of main by force structure, as plant, and warehouse, and locomotive library, and aircraft library, and Gallery, and theaters, and playground Museum, and Mart spent shed of roofing bearing Dutch contains and wall flat support.

Cold-formed steel light-duty steel structure of the main material used is to produce, are made by steel plate or steel tape cold-bend forming. C-Purlin roll forming machine manufacture the wall thickness can be made very thin, but also greatly simplifies the production process, progressive produce efficiencies. It can be produced by hot rolling method to produce complex shapes with average wall thickness section of various shapes and materials of cold-formed steel.

Roll l is an important part on rolling steel mills, with a pair or a set of rollers the pressure pad produced by rolling over steel. It is mainly dynamic and static loads to withstand rolling and wear and the effects of temperature changes.

Rolls divide into hot rolling and cold rolling. Common cold rolling work roll materials such as 9Cr,9Cr2,9Crv,8CrMoV, cold rolls require surface hardening, hardness HS45~105.

Commonly used materials include 55Mn2, 55Cr, 60CrMnMo, 60SiMnMo, hot roller, you should know hot rolling cogging, plates, steel and other processing. It withstood the powerful rolling force, serious wear and thermal fatigue effect and hot rolling at high temperature, and diameter allows unit workload and wear, so does not require surface hardness, requiring only that has a high strength, toughness and heat resistance. Hot roller or quench the fire is used, surface hardness HB190~270.

Design and manufacture of cold roll forming machine roll characteristics: 1.The average force principle, average across the wheel load, wear and balance, extend the life rolls

2.Roller bearing steel, if the products have requirements, the C12 material can apply to rolling, which is using its wearability, but requires heat treatment to C12, hardness of quenching and tempering to achieve

3.Track arc parts is Rails core parts, the former several road pressure forming of arc bit, in the later road times rolling fold State side, you should has forming of arc, through upper and lower roll or cross round, take effective bundles protection, or material in stretch process in the arc bit must will changes, r changed small became triangle, ball not what, two points contact produces noise sound, when r changed big , the tie rail will produces shook, it will short it lifespan.

4.for the roll stability problems, production often swing around in the Raceway of the material issue is actually the single wheel is asymmetrical, left the force, material is tilting to the right; the right force, material to the left swing

5. Bending distortion problems in production was largely influenced by power imbalances, mechanical imbalance around, bending around, up and down force imbalance, resulting in distortion. The Solution: the force equilibrium design, Machining accuracy, easy installation and adjustment.
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