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Metal Roll Forming Machine Inventor and Creation

Release date:2014-06-25

Roll forming machine is an international a new energy-saving cement grinding equipment, developed in mid-1980s, which has a high energy consumption replacement, high efficiency, and reduce steel consumption and noise pollution function, along with the development of sophisticated technology, forming machine for grinding metal was invented, the metal roll forming machine inventor also made an outstanding contribution to this. Today, we come to know about metal roll forming machine. The metal roll forming machine inventor invented this instrument, mainly due to the traditional mode of production of iron products had many drawbacks, and can't meet the needs of economic and technological development, thus people began to explore new avenues, and the metal roll forming machine inventor was the first person to solve this problem. Metal roll forming machine equipped with original molding machine functions on the basis of the roll, made some improvements, specifically for the production of metal utensils. The most common metal utensils mainly include three aspects:

(1) Home supplies, such as iron pots, drums, knives and so on.
(2) Machine parts.
(3) Construction materials.

Due to the metal roll forming machine inventor's ingenuity, our daily life become more convenient, the further development of modern science and technology and economic environment also prompt the metal roll forming machine a greater development. Working principle of metal roll forming machine and roll forming machine in general is similar: Enter the materials from the top two metal rollers, squeezed between rollers into a continuous roll, after receiving high pressure into dense and discharged cake from machines bottom. Cake discharge comprises a proportion of fine finished outside and a large amount of cracks in the unfinished particles inside, which improve grind ability materials, and greatly reduce the grinding energy further grinding process. In order to improve the efficiency of equipment, metal roll forming machine inventor uses a pressure grinding tools that made of new materials on device, which increases the life of equipment. Meanwhile, the new metal forming equipment that metal roll forming machine inventor invented also has the following characteristics:

(1) We have to acknowledge that metal roll forming machine inventor revolutionize the mode of production, bringing increased production. The potential ability of metal grinding roller presses installed in the system, its high voltage load passing through the double roll diameter to the material layer is grinding, most of the energy is used for extruded materials between each other, which increase production up to 50-100% and the total energy consumption can be reduced by 20% -30%, improve production efficiency of the whole system. This is also a great contribution metal roll forming machine inventor did.
(2) The traditional preparation of metal products requires high investment, many kinds of necessary equipment, complicated operation, artificial consume, but metal roll forming machine inventor solve this problem, roll forming machine price is right, and efficient operation and high automation leads to fewer invest more in return.
(3) Less noise pollution. Traditional metal production has to produce in remote areas because of noise, but less noise increasing production flexibility.

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