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Metal Roll Forming Machine FAQ in Market

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The metal roll forming machine FAQ is widely used in the instrument, aviation, aerospace, electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, construction, shipbuilding, machine tool industries, used in the manufacture of all kinds of sensitive element, compensating element, flexible coupling and heat transfer element. With the development of technology, roll forming machine manufacturer is in constant development of new models. The current metal roll forming machine FAQ major molding methods are: hydraulic bulging, mechanical bulging, rubber bulging (including pneumatic bulging), roller forming, molding corrugated plate coiling and diaphragm ring welding molding and the first four applications are most common. Metal roll forming machine FAQ mostly with complex structure, high cost of equipment forming method, in this article mainly introduces a kind of simple, low cost of the metal roll forming machine FAQ.

Metal roll forming machines for sale FAQ belong to the category of metal pressure processing, its essence is the use of metal plasticity, exert a certain external force and make the metal plastic deformation, and obtain the required product. The advantage of this processing method is: can save raw materials, less waste, internal organization and the relevant improvement to obtain the very good mechanical performance, high output, less energy consumption, low cost, suitable for mass production. But the metal roll forming machine machining accuracy and surface roughness is not high, the FAQ and require metal processed with this method has certain plastic, is plastic metal, make the processed object by certain restrictions. Because the metal roll forming machine FAQ is perfect all kinds of metal processing, roll forming machine manufacturer production this kind of machine.

Metal roll forming machine FAQ was put in the straight line before and after the metal belt material through array forming roller, with the rotation of wheel, in forward materials will be sent to at the same time, in order to bend to form a processing method of the cross section shape. In the metal roll forming machine FAQ, the rolling to move forward with the sheet, the thickness of the sheet metal basically remain unchanged. But for bending parts, the lateral stretching, and closed compression. So should keep enough space between each roller, clearance is equal to the thickness of the material.

Metal roll forming machine FAQ axial clearance between rollers is fixed by the wheel set geometric shapes itself. Such as the gap is too large, sheet metal longitudinal deformation easily occurs in edge part drawing. Before you turn to the next scroll wheel, can appear buckling, as next close fast roller center, sheet metal under compression. If the extension is too large, produce instability, see further warp, so that rupture.

Radial clearance between rollers is made by assembly in disc spring, at the top of main shaft gear box by turning clamping nut setting. According to the thickness of the sheet metal roll forming machine manufacturer, adjust the position of the locating pin to preset before starting the choice. In the production of hydraulic latch bite juncture, progressive, in the process of hydraulic gap between roller and the greater the ratio of the thickness of the material, the greater the bending angle. Therefore, each wheel should maintain enough axial gap and radial gap.

The wide application of current metal roll forming machine FAQ, finer products, shape more complex, intuitive analysis, it is difficult to make, but as long as learn to anatomical form, analysis process, the deformation mechanism of basic, for the metal roll forming machine FAQ have accurate judgment, the process method to solve the problem is clear.
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