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Metal Material Rolling Machine Marketing in China

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In China, the construction of roll forming machine china started in the late 1950s, which experienced a tortuous process of development and adjustment. After the reform and opening, the national economy puts forward new requirements for steel varieties and quality, the advantages of metal roll forming machine gradually been recognized and accepted, obtained a great development in the production. As a kind of economic cross-section forming material, metal roll forming machine are widely used in various sectors of the national economy. There are agricultural machinery, transportation, automotive industry, light industry, power industry, shipbuilding industry and logistics.

Metallurgical technology is a comprehensive technical disciplines related research process for the manufacture of metal parts. The technology is mainly studies all kinds of craft regularity of the method and its application in mechanical manufacturing; metal parts machining processes and molding process; commonly used metal material performance’s influence on the processing technology; process method of comprehensive comparison and so on. It is a discipline focus on metal material’s (or blanks, semi-finished products, etc.) smelting, casting, forging, welding, metal heat treatment, machining and mechanical assembly process in machinery manufacturing. Forging technology is one of the branches of metallurgical technology. It can divided into four parts, including free forging, die forging, sheet stamping and other pressure processing methods and new technologies. Roll forming is one of the new technologies.

Metal or steel roll forming machine also known as extrusion mill or rolling mill. It is a kind of new energy-saving cement grinding equipment in mid-1980s. The machine has the function of alternative high energy consumption, low efficiency pre-grinding mill system, and reduce steel consumption and noise, which can applied to the construction of new factories or old plant transformation. After using the metal roll forming machine, the ball mill system yields will increased by 30-50%, and after extrusion, the material feeding in 0.08mm accounts for 20-35%, less than 2mm accounted for 65-85%. Due to the squeeze the internal structure of small particles are full of many tiny crack, the capacity of grinding greatly improve. The surface of the metal roll forming machine adopts heat welding as a result it is very convenience for wear-resisting layer maintenance.

Before knowing how to connect metal roll forming machine, we need to have a comprehensive knowledge of the working principle of metal roll forming machine. Roll forming machine is designed in accordance with the principle of grinding material bed, its main features are: high pressure, full speed and material bed crushing. The machine is composed of two mutually synchronous rotation squeezing roll, a fixed roll and a movable roll. Put the materials on the two rolls and then the materials will be continuous squeezed by the rolls, after suffer high pressure of the 100-150MPa, the materials will be discharged from the machine. In the inside of an unfinished materials will produce a large number of cracks, improve the ease of grinding material. And in the process of further crushing, it can significantly reduce the grinding energy consumption. The working principle of metal roll forming machine mainly divided into three stages: full material dense stage, laminating crushing stage and cluster layout stage.

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