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Metal Material Roll Forming Machine Info

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Metal roll forming machine is designed according to the principle of material bed to grind materials. It developed in 1980s. It is a new type of energy-saving cement grinding equipment. And the main features of roll forming machine china includes high pressure, high speed, full of material, grinding bed crushing. It can be used in the construction of a new factory and it also applies to the old plant for technical renovation. It is able to reduce the steel consumption as well as acoustic noise pollution. With the high energy consumption alternative, it increases 30-50% ball mill system yields.

How to connect metal roll forming machine? Metal roll forming machine is composed of two mutually synchronous rotation squeezing roller. These two rollers are connected together, one of which is a fixed roller, and another is an active roller. And material is put above the metal roll forming machine, and after that, it is squeezed continuously by the squeeze roller. Under 100-150 M Pa high-pressure, material is unleashed from metal roll forming machine and it becomes dense material cake. Inside this dense material cake, it produces a large number of cracks, which improves the grind ability of grinding material. So after the further process of crushing, it can significantly reduce the grinding energy consumption.

In order to connect metal roll forming machine correctly, we should connect all pieces in order. The metal roll forming machine is connected by rack, two roller systems, gearing, bearing, jacket of roller, feeding equipment, hydraulic pressure system, main bearing lubrication, grease lubricating system, electric system, etc.

As for the specific method of connecting metal roll forming machine, the support frame, which is a frame to connect bearing box, should be connected to bearing box and the first pair of mutually interval roller. Also, the connection of metal roll forming machine means that it forms a pair of rollers, which carries the first tubal forming rolls. It also means that metal strip is driven by the first pair of rollers’ rotation. And after the bearing box is connected to the casement frame, the second pair of rollers carries the second tube device. And that confirms the working position between the first pair of rollers and the second pair of rollers.

And many years’ experience proves that if we want to operate the metal roll forming machine safety and efficiently, we must obey the following condition. First, the feeding material should possess some material pressure, which ensures that material can be fed continuously and stably. Second, the particle size of feeding material should meet design requirements so that it can be formed tightly. Last but not least, the grinding system should have enough squeezing force to mash materials.

In China, metal roll forming machine has a bright prospect, making it is more and more popular. Only by connecting metal roll forming machine correctly, can it be manufactured well.

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