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Learn About the Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine in the Rural Market

Release date:2014-06-20

Due to the change of the rural economy, rural economy to change, so as to make the rural economy, farmers' quality of life is improved. To understand roof panel roll forming machine, rural markets have to know the needs of the roof panel in rural first direction. In recent years, in the rural, since the rise of the building, you should know as well as a variety of plants (fertilizer, farm, etc.) set up in the countryside, to a great demand for roof panel. Why use roof plate the material more modern construction industry, this is we together to see the advantage of the roof panel.

Roof plate has the advantages of:

1, weather resistance, anti-corrosion excellence - it has been verified by practice, product applications in a variety of climatic conditions, all show the good weather resistance, corrosion in acid, alkali, saline land in show good decay resistance performance.
2, waterproof performance outstanding -- used in 15-90 - degree slope roof building from fortified layer.
3, wind resistance and earthquake - 90 degrees of building facade decoration safe and reliable, strong winds can resist 12 level.
4, good fireproof performance, material resistant to combustion of grade B1 level, is a flame retardant material.
5, sound and heat insulation performance good, porous foam core layer has a good sound and heat insulation performance.

6, the area is large, light weight, light body materials, and reduce the building load.
7, color is rich, lasting stability, fluorocarbon coating, color is rich, smooth surface, resistant to acid and alkali, not mildew to change, if it is new.
8, you should know toughness, high strength, better toughness and strength than similar products.
9, construction is convenient, the product can be directly nails, drilling, sawing, planning, easily handle special roof shape, such as facade and circular window. To produce good quality roof panel, so you must have good quality, the accuracy of roof panel roll forming machine, to meet customer requirements. When choosing a roof panel roll forming machine, should choose the contour plate roll forming machine, high utilization, strength, production high degree of automation, low cost, durable. Roof panel roll forming machine adopts roller pressure molding method, can produce good appearance, strong steel plate (roof plate), the machine adopts high-tech, can provide convenient wheel conversion device, convenient to output, a high demand for roof panel provides a convenient.

Roof panel roll forming machine technical parameters:

1. Suitable for material: steel or galvanized sheet
2. Material thickness: 0.4 ~ 0.7 mm
3. The material yield strength: 235Mpa and 345Mpa
4. Molding speed: about 15 m/min
5. Power

Main motor power: 5.5 kw (will be subject to the final design) hydraulic station power: 2.2 kw (will be subject to the final design)

6. Open book maximum carrying capacity: 5000 kg (t) can be increased to 10
7. Control system: PLC and frequency converter

In the near future, roof panel roll forming machine into the rural market will be a very common thing, once opened the rural market, roof panel roll forming machine of benefit and value is very optimistic. See roof panel in the rural market demand, predictably roof panel roll forming machine in the rural market demand market development space is not expected. According to roof panel roll forming machine in the development of the rural market at the same time, also can promote the sale of cable tray roll forming machine.

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