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Key Roll Forming Machine Technologies

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Advantages of roll forming machine in terms of the domestic metal working capability are rather evident. But the roll forming machine technology of many Asian countries still lags behind the world class level as well as those of the developed countries. For instance, a lot of heavy roll forming machine castings still depend on the import from the United States and German. Some experts have given a particular introduction of the key roll forming machine technologies in the manufacturing of metal castings in such fields as metal melting, foundry technology, and heat treatment technology. In most cases, roll forming machine is used along with the cutting edge numerical simulation technique and several case studies on the application of numerical simulation in the production of heavy roll forming machine castings have been presented. Heavy roll forming machine castings are widely used in the equipment for such industries as metallurgy, shipbuilding, power and mill housing.

Some unconventional, newly developed industries like hydraulic turbine runner, roll forming machine steam turbine casing, pump casing for nuclear power station are also very promising. Therefore, the manufacturing of roll forming machine is very important to a nation’s economy, and it symbolizes the capability level of overall metal working industry. The roll forming machine is also a vital factor that will have an influence on the construction schedule as well as the safety of the national key roll forming machine projects. Due to the fast growing world economy, there will be more and more roll forming machine projects in the equipment manufacturing industries. For instance, if we take a look at the hydro power station sector, thanks to the advantages of roll forming machine the hydro power capacity will increase from 180 MkWh in 2009 and to 310 MkWh in 2018 and some big projects may totally need even more power generation units.

These power unites have to be made with the help of roll forming machine many more large power stations are in the plan in the upper stream of Asian rivers which will need more than 1,000 MW of power generator units, such as the under construction hydro power stations in China and India. With the development of hydro power stations, roll forming machine will be of higher market demand along with the turbine power stations and nuclear power stations that are also in design or construction in different locations. The steam and gas power generation stations will take place of the coal fired power industry in the near future but the workers they still need to make use of roll forming machine. This is because the roll forming machine inner and outer roll forming castings are necessary for these huge power stations.

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