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How to Prolong the Lifespan of the Cable Tray Roll Forming Machinery

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Factors influencing the lifespan of roll forming machinery

a. Color steel tile equipment hydraulic and pneumatic devices of power and speed. Technical parameter of roll forming machine, the power and speed of the rotor relates to the degree of shock hardening of hydraulic rod, thereby affecting the service life of the hydraulic system, so we set the technical parameters to within a certain range, and cannot appear too large or too small, thus affecting the service life of the roll forming machinery.

b. Color steel tile inside gap size. Gaps between the various hydraulic rollers and hydraulic Rod should keep piling up even and consistent, and does not appear too close or too far from the case, a stress a stress can lead to uneven quality of produce, this is where we need to be careful, in color steel tile equipment, glazed tile roll forming machine production machinery, such as these are very often.

c. Hydraulic system of material and quality. Manufacture of hydraulic system of hydraulic axes structure after heat treatment on the mechanical properties of materials. Manufacture of casting process of rational science and heat treatment process is the solution of hydraulic axes uses effective methods of fracture-prone, after heat treatment manufacture raw materials will increase, the overall increase of tightness and pressure resistance of raw materials to achieve long term there will be no deformation and fracture.

Roll forming machinery is composed of unwinding, forming, molding after cutting, flat appearance of products produced by the beautiful, uniform paint stripes, high strength, durable, widely used in industrial buildings, such as factories, warehouses, locomotive depots, hangars, stadiums, exhibition halls, theaters and other surfaces, and walls. Its components include: machine, PLC computer control systems, hydraulic pumping system, and automatic cutting system after the device characteristics: the color plate equipment using high level automation software, management of production information. Automation control system of the entire network with a high integration, automation system for superior performance. The c section also has operations, maintenance, maintenance and commissioning of machinery, the advantages of mould replacement easy.

The maintenance of the roll forming machinery

1. Each time when oil change, filters should be replaced or thoroughly cleaned.

2. There is the air filter on the tank, check every 3 months clean, preferably 1 year replacement.

3. When machines have alarms or dirty oil, other filters, such as exceptions and should be replaced.

4. Be noted that monthly clean hydraulic parts to prevent dirt entering the system, you cannot use the detergent.

5. Before the installation of a steel plate under each plate must be completely secured. Fixed must be started in the center of the plates, and then to stretch both ways, finally fixed lapped edges of the plates. End lap, due to roof and wall profiles are made of continuous processing method, so you can supply as the transport conditions may limit the length of the plate, you typically do not need to lap steel plate length is sufficient to meet the needs of roof laying. Selection and application of roll forming machine china equipment self-tapping screws. Screw selection should be in accordance with the structure of the fixed service life, and especially his material life and specify fixed the life expectancy is the same.

6. Check the oil level every week, such as hydraulic systems after maintenance should also be checked.

7. in a pair of clamps clamp clip home lap steel, respectively. Plate longitudinal in place, whose end-especially the upper part use pliers on the edge part, and this guarantees that the steel plate in place at one end, roll forming machine factory and the end of the lap is in the correct position, thus holding the plate, in the process of fixing, clamp should always vertical clamp plate.

8. After one month of use the new machinery, check the tubing bends deformation, if there are any complications should be replaced, after two months of use, tighten all fittings for connection, for this work to be shutdown, system has no pressure.
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