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How to Prolong Downspout Roll Forming Machine Lifespan

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It’s a concerned question for most users how to prolong downspout roll forming machine lifespan. Of course, the roll forming machine price is higher, its lifespan is longer. The lifespan is determined by the proper use and maintenance on the machine with the same price. The equipment’s daily maintenance plays a decisive role to the equipment lifespan. Therefore, the users should pay attention to maintenance of equipment in everyday use to prolong its lifespan. Equipment maintenance is generally divided into three main parts.

The first part is the maintenance of machine body. It’s an important part to prolong downspout roll forming machines lifespan. The machine body should be regular lubricated to reduce friction coefficient and wear reduction. The nuts and the screws should be inspected regularly so as to avoid post’s uneven stress and fracture. Mould thickness adjustment mechanism should be periodically checked weather the drive shaft gear or chain has offset or relaxation phenomena. The users should make sure screw in the gear is tight and lubricating oil is sufficient. Check machine transmission parts whether there is wear phenomenon and check each butter mouth whether there is no blocked phenomenon. Every month you need clean hydraulic components, such as pump, valve, motor, plate and pipe, to prevent dirt from entering the system. You should keep it in mind that you cannot use detergent while cleaning. If you want to prolong downspout roll forming machine lifespan, the maintenance is necessary from the start. After a month use of the new machines, you also need check the bending parts of tubes weather there is deformation or not. If there were abnormal phenomena, you should replace it right now. After two months of use, you should fasten the connection of all parts. When you do this work, the machine should be shut down and the system should be no pressure.

The second part is the maintenance of electronic parts. The downspout purlin roll forming machine uses a contact relay to switch the various movements, so it often has a breakdown due to the screw of contact loosening and joint aging. Its work can also be affected by the dust, damp and other environmental factors. After using one million times, it should be replaced with a new one to ensure the controlling stability. In order to prolong downspout roll forming machine lifespan, you should note the circuit board cleaning, clean dust of electrical box regularly and keep the electrical box dry. The modern relay adopts integrated circuit without contact and wire connection is greatly reduced, which can obviously reduce the bad phenomenon caused by the wire and improve the stability.

The third part is the maintenance of hydraulic system. You should pay attention to purity of hydraulic oil to guarantee its quality. The hydraulic oil should have good stability and high quality. After 2000 hours working of the new machine, the oil should be replaced. Later the oil should be replaced every 4000 ~ 6000. Every time you change the oil, the oil tank need be cleaned. In addition to the regular replacement, the working temperature should be controlled below 50 degrees Celsius.

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