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How to Price Metal Roll Forming Machine

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As we all know, there are many factors influencing the price of products. Like internal factors and external factors of a company as well as subjective and objective factors. To sum up, there are four aspects a company should take into consideration when they are pricing a new product. Product costs, market demand, competitive factors and other factors.

Sometimes the product price is determined by the total cost while sometimes only determined by the variable cost. In terms of the similar products market prices, the main factor is affected by the social average cost. Under a competitive condition, the enterprises individual cost may higher or lower than the social average cost, it doesn’t has a great influence on a product price. When enterprise pricing, they should have an overall consideration for production, sales, cash flow and other factors of a product as well as cost.

In addition to product prices affected by the cost, but also affected by market demand. In other words, the price influenced by the relationship between commodity supply and demand. When market demand is greater than the supply of goods, the price should be high. On the opposite, the price of a commodity should be lower. Total price changes, in turn, affect the market demand, thus affecting sales, which affect the realization of the goal of enterprise. Therefore, the enterprise must have a comprehensive understanding of the impact of price changes on the market demand. Reflect this impact of an indicator is commodity price demand elasticity coefficient.

The price of roll forming machine for sale depends on various factors such as the cost of materials, the product sizes, weight, species and motor power, etc. For example, here is a roll forming machine for sale. A cold bending roll forming machine of Zhonghe cold bending company is a typical product in their company. The cold bending roll forming machine is designed by German professional design software. This software can analyze plate and strip molding process of stress and strain. The DTM simulation compute the top, middle and lower tensile strain and compressive strain, reduce defects generated on the pass deformation to design a high quality roll, provide a powerful guarantee for the entire roll forming machine. Key components of the machine using CNC machining, grinding machining, wire-electrode cutting and such kind of finish machining. The electrical appliance uses PLC control in order to realize online tracking synchronous cutting, to design and manufacture a product with high yield, easy operation and low power consumption characteristics. This kind of cold bending roll forming machine is use for shelf steel processing machinery and its length is 7300mm and height is 1100mm and width is 800mm. The weight of the machine is six ton and the motor power is eleven kw. The roll forming machine price online is about 1000yuan a product and the whole set of machine is around 17 thousand. Just like any other products, a bulk order may enjoy some discount on the price.

Different types made of by various metal materials and as a result the price range is quite different. Some are low and some are high. Like the type named supply of automatic high precision cold bending roll forming machine is very expensive, nearly seventy thousand a product.

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