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How to Extend Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine Lifespan

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Glazed tile includes glazed imbrex, cornice imbrex, glass slate and so on, which are important on the ancient and contemporary housing construction materials and glazed roll forming machine china is the main production equipment. While each machine has its lifespan and determines the limit of using the device, importance is evident. Thus, how to extend glazed tile roll forming machine lifespan? The most significant measure is to maintain it. Then I will share with you some treatments. When we take measures to maintain equipment performance, five parts maintenance are essential.

(1) Roll surface

The first point to lengthen glazed tile roll forming machine lifespan is to consider its surface. The pressure surface damage is a common phenomenon in the production process. The main reason generated from material particles under pressure to make the roll surface deformation, so that the roll surface cracks. Severely, directly affect the roll surface's life. Improvement measures: use suitable welding consumables improve roller surface according to the material. Of course, the repair can be taken offline ways to increase glazed tile roll forming machine lifespan.

(2) Bearing

Bearing is the second factor we should consider to prolong glazed tile roll forming machine lifespan. Four bearings are important parts of the entire device, once bearing has an accident, the machine have to be stopped and caused serious consequences. To prevent bearing damage, we should focus on the following aspects: Buy good quality bearings. Control pressure of roller press feeding. Note that the bearing is installed correctly and so on. You also need to add oil to control equipment operation to protect bearings and prolong glazed tile roll forming machine lifespan.

(3) Machine shaft

Roller press machine shaft usually locked by screws, once failure to lock disk on the basis of data required to tighten the screws, may cause compressor shaft and gear shaft hollow shaft sliding and strain. Using appropriate repair methods such as spraying and cold welding helps rational use glazed tile roll forming machine lifespan.

(4) Hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder often appears cylinder leakage, which can lead to equipment failure and waste of raw materials. In order to increase glazed tile roll forming machine lifespan, some actions should be taken: install spherical structure and canvas in front of the hydraulic cylinder, prevent dust from entering the interior of the cylinder, and plus a liner or two seals will return pipe with a hose coupling with mailboxes and other containers, etc., these measures will play an important role on enlarging glazed tile roll forming machine lifespan.

(5) Lateral baffle

The lateral baffle often appears material leakage problems during the operation, which brings a lot of trouble to the material flow, also affect productivity, useful measures are: To maintain parallel end surfaces. Ensure the feed mechanism is mounted in the correct position. Adjust lateral baffle's wear and so on. These methods have been adopted, greatly enhanced the glazed tile roll forming machine lifespan, and to bring more benefits.

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