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How to Design Metal Roll Forming Machine?

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With the rapid development of oil and gas pipeline construction, the increasingly strong demand for steel pipe, straight seam welded pipe demand is also increasing. Roof panel roll forming machine is straight seam welded pipe production line, one of the main equipment is the key for improving the productivity of production line equipment. Jianghan petroleum administration bureau in 2002, the China petrochemical group steel pipe SMSMEER company from Germany introduced a JCOE large diameter straight seam submerged arc welding pipe production line, the line design production rhythm of 375 s/root (that is, the actual time spent every 6.25 min), the actual daily production capacity of 160 root. The author according to the practical operation of the production line, analyzed the related questions of molding machine efficiency, think how to design metal roll forming machine is the roof panel roll forming machine production line's most pressing problems.

How to design metal roll forming machine? Molding machine is made up of two parts of the main and auxiliary machinery. Host is mainly composed of machine frame (upper, lower, lateral, connecting rod, etc.), on the beams, beam, master cylinder, handle, etc.; Auxiliary machine is mainly composed of roller conveyer, steel plates push device, steel tube longitudinal conveying device, mound hydraulic equipment and electrical equipment, etc. Now you should be on how to design metal roll forming machine.

In the concrete research how to design metal roll forming machine, first take a look at the cause of the inefficient. Molding machine roller conveyer into the plate, the plate deformation of the influence of the external factors such as: steel plate easily through the limit, roller conveyer stopped functioning. At this point, need to hand in a state of roller conveyer on the steel plate in the operation, it is to extend the time of the feeding machine, molding machine production efficiency. To understand the reason, now let's look at how to design metal roll forming machine.

From the perspective of push board the car, how to design purlin roll forming machine, forming machine in the process of rolling steel, push board the car to stop many times. On the premise of guarantee the braking effect, reduce the start-stop time of push board the car, can effectively increase the productivity of the machine. Push the car out of forming machine tube billet was taken away to export table, at the same time, the next plate by roller conveyer conveying in place, and have the push board the car ready to push to the front of the first step down position. At this point, the push board the car must be pushed tube such as the car back in place before pushing plate to the mold handle clamped down below, and the process waiting time is about 5 seconds. Shorten the time is how to design metal roll forming machine need to consider one of the problems.

In order to guarantee the effect of molding, to meet the requirements of the molding process, studies how to design metal roll forming machine, can from the following points. Molding tools and the handle of the six cylinders in the process of press need to keep position synchronization and molding machine adopts MX4 multi-axis numerical control system of mold handle six main cylinder synchronization control.

We have to improve the efficiency of forming mechanism of tube from how to design metal roll forming machine, analyze molding machine control procedures, implementation of reasonable control technology. Conveyor roller is controlled by frequency converter, by raising the frequency converter speed control of a given voltage; improve the speed of the feed roller. To modify the feed roller speed at the same time, by adjusting the stop in front of the slope change process, improve the reliability of steel plate in place stops and steel plate on the stability.
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