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How to Choose Roll Forming Machine

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If you are still confused how to choose roll forming machine, might as well look for the answer from these professional knowledge. Take a look first at roll forming machinery roll forming way of commonly used three kinds of methods:

1. Since the center of the plate width on both sides in order to forming method, this method has been widely used in broadband material such as roll forming machinery molding, sheet to avoid the unreasonable stretching.

2. Start from either side of the sheet metal forming and progressive forming into the middle of the method, with bellows for prestressed engineering this rolled narrow sheet of long tube type should be in this way, can make the edge shape first in order to improve the buckling strength.

3. On either side of the sheet metal and middle indiscriminately to the parts molding method, at the same time this method is used in the molding, such as wide material initially on the whole for ease of transition curve, then to the point of view of a sharp transition to do finish machining. Using the corrugated tube bending corrugated is for keeping the length of the arc, bend side make the bending Angle increase, a sharply reduced radius and bending method. So on how to choose roll forming machine, we can consider what kind of forming you want.

Metal corrugated molding to bite later rolling, eventually work out spiral corrugated pipe. In order to understand more about how to choose roll forming machine, there are more molding methods, such as hydraulic pressure expansion, mechanical expansion, rubber, the swelling and rolling forming.

Then how to choose roll form machine from the machine composition? Machines are generally consists of five parts: engine, transmission parts, working mechanism, control, and support. Its technical process is usually: engine, transmission, control, work organization, and these four parts are installed on the bearing components. The total function can be decomposed into spiral corrugated pipe forming machine roll forming and rolling steel strip, can be done through six roller bite, the basic shape in the rolling process achieve bite seal, achieve the desired design requirements. If you consider how to choose roll forming machine, which can be prior consultation of machine parts.

Due to pipe mesh sheet is in the middle of the bite and at the end of the following was realized by bite, therefore, to keep the plates in the middle bite is not damaged, must be conducted at the start of the second circle plate mesh pressing knurling. Based on the basic theory of concept design, puts forward several schemes on rolling molding, can be used as how to choose roll forming machine china of reference:

Solution 1: bite after molding, directly into a circular plate welding in the formation of the spiral groove from top to bottom, inside and outside the thickness of the plate for a concentric ring, spiral groove shape and the design of the pipe forming same shape, peak for roller rolling, the lowest race 4 and is about to enter the guide roll way l bite, rotating once again after using roller pressing and knurling.

Scheme 2: bite after molding, into has certain Angle with the original roller roller, roller on a circle having the same as the plate width after molding groove, the plank deviates from the angle, then is sent to an internal spiral grooves in the rings, and roller pressure groove. Make the plate rolling way forward as expected, after fulfilling the two ring grooves around occlusion, with subsequent plank after with solutions.

If you don't know how to choose roll forming machine, although refer to the above content. If still can't find about how to choose roll forming machine of the available information and suggestion of this web site other related content. Even if there is no clear about how to choose roll forming machine, also can have more professional knowledge to help you make the choice.
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