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How to Choose Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine?

Release date:2014-06-16

Cable tray procurement guidelines and the choose and buy a place: A, is located in the places of vibration of bridge system, including the bolt connection of the grounding part, should be spring washer. Second, the requirement of fire metal bridge, deal with outer surface metal components applied in conformity with the relevant rules of the state of refractory coating. Third, you should know the metal bridge system, should have a reliable electrical connection and grounding, the use of FRP bridge, along the bridge length should be the other special ground wire laying. Fourth, the selection of cable tray, shall meet the following requirements: the large number of all plastic cable Ming fu, or cable span distance, high voltage cable serpentine resettlement way, appropriate USES cable tray.

Structure of cable tray, should meet the requirements of strength, stiffness and stability, and comply with the following provisions:

1, the carrying capacity of the bridge, shall not exceed the bridge first produce permanent deformation, the value of maximum load divided by the safety factor of 1.5.
2, ladder, tray in allowing the relative deflection value under the action of uniformly distributed load, the steel should not be greater than 1/200; the aluminum alloy should not be more than 1/300.
3, steel bracket under the allowed bearing deflection and the arm length ratio, should not be more than 1/100.

Ten, the strength of the cable tray, should satisfy the cable and its affiliated parts load and the stress of the installation and maintenance requirements, and shall meet the following requirements:

1, may be short on person, according to the additional concentrated load of 900 n.
2, mechanical construction, such as included in the longitudinal strain, lateral thrust and pulley weight.
3, when outdoor, included in the may have additional ice, snow and wind load.

Eleven, cable bridge, in addition to the support of single-phase working current is larger than 1000 a cable communication system, appropriate USES steel, in strong corrosive environment, choose other material cable bracket, shall meet the following requirements:

1, in cable trench in the ordinary bridge timbering (arm), can choose the rigidity of corrosion resistant materials.
2, ladder of cable tray, tray, can choose meet the engineering conditions of flame retardant glass steel.
3, has a better technical and economic comprehensive, available aluminum alloy cable tray.

How to choose cable tray roll forming machine? The choice of varieties of cable tray, shall meet the following requirements:

1, where flammable dust place, or need to block the external electrical interference, should be no hole tray.
2, high temperature, corrosive liquid or oil splash down and places need protection, appropriate USES tray.
3, must adjust measures to local conditions, the available packaged trays.

Now, do you know how to choose cable tray roll forming machine?

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