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How to Check Roll Forming Machine in China?

Release date:2014-06-17

Different Roll forming machine in China has different ways of checking. And only after we check roll forming machine in China, can it work well and produce maximum efficiency. The check of long net roll forming machine china: The technical requirements Manufacture and acceptance of 3.1 long net roll forming machine in China in addition to the provisions should conform to the standard, should also meet the requirements of ZB B97 001.

3.2 bolts, screws, nuts, washers, fasteners, except for special treatment, shall send Yan.

3.3 Any direct contact with the material parts shall be corrosion resistant material, or the etching on the contact surface.

3.4 The net box must be smooth; the adjustment plate on both ends must be kept uniform adjustment.

3.5 roller (roller, pressure roller, chest compression roller, Fu Gun, guide roller) quality: Tolerances shall comply with the following provisions 3.5.1 the roll surface: painting is not less than GB 1184 of schedule 2 tolerance grade 9, cable line parallelism not below GB 1184 schedule 3 tolerance level 6, drawing on both ends of a shaft radial neck common axis beating of not less than GB 1184 of Schedule 4 tolerance etc. Note: the roller diameter greater than 500m m ring of male integer valued appendix ^ (supplement).

3.5.2 Of the roll surface roughness should not be greater than R.3.2; plating Ming roller surface should not be greater than R.1.6 thick olive. Encapsulated roller surface should be grinded.

3.5.3 roller should be school static balance, unbalance on the roll surface is generally not more than the weight of 1%, the rest of the roller on the roller surface in general no more than the weight of 0.5%. The rubber layer and the roller body bag cots Jane must firm adhesion, there shall be no crack or delamination, Zhen layer shall not have bubbles and other defects.

The chromium layer chrome roller must be uniform thickness, not recite them, delamination, Liu the porosity defect. Roller bearing must be waterproof or mounted in the latent application. Rack installation should be flat and neat appearance, the surface should be smooth and clean. The blade and roller face evenly, use feeler gun Zha maximum clearance no greater than 0.3m M. Don't fit the length of not more than the full width of 200O. All the adjusting mechanism must be flexible, reliable control, there shall be no block. Long net roll forming machine in China should be carried out in the test installation or subsection trial installed in the factory, long net roll forming machine in China or the first production in the new design, should follow the trial installation. Inspection rules 5.1 per long net forming machine shall be a qualified before the factory inspection face.

A. limit, test and in the factory (or) is difficult to face project. The 5.2 case any of the following cases, must face type. Two test products.
B. products factory.
C. crystal structure has big change, impact performance.
D long period of production after the production of products.

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