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How Does the Roof Ridge Cape Roll Forming Machine Work?

Release date:2014-06-19

As we all know, the roll forming machine is used to let the concrete become the form what you want it has. It has the alternative energy with high and low efficiency systems pre-grinding mill. Also it can reduce steel consumption and noise. This is the characteristics of all roll forming machine, including the rood ridge cape roll forming machine. Following, I will introduce “how does the roof ridge cape roll forming machine work”.

1. First, it is used the two rolls to implement the material with pure pressure. The material to be crushed by the extrusion forms dense material bed, the particles have a strong internal stress, so that cracks and crushed. Material of the roller press to form a very low intensity after the cake, the cake containing a large amount of fine powder, wherein the fine particles smaller than 90um finished about 20% of the internal structure of the coarse particles is destroyed, resulting in a lot of micro-after cracking, the product particle size of the particles of 2mm or less accounted for about 80%, is extremely beneficial for further grinding, grinding the entire system power consumption can be significantly reduced.

2. Second, and the roll forming machine rotates in synchronization by two opposing squeeze rolls composed of a material having a material pressure feeding means is adjustable by pressing between rollers into continuous rolls, and the hydraulic system to impose sufficient squeezing rollers squeeze pressure.

3. Third, by acting on the hydraulic system of the roll event, the roller is formed between the two high pressure, the pressure in the range of 50 ~ 300Mpa. The continuous roll of the roll forming machine has effect on the material directly. And the materials are quickly cracked under high pressure.

4. Fourth, after rolled by roll forming machines, the materials will become smoother than the initial. And the particles will reduce.

After I introduce to you “How does roof ridge cape roll forming machine work”, next I will talk a little about the request of the material.

1. The material needs a certain feed pressure. This will help the material that can be rolled continuously so that it will become closer.

2. The material need to appeal to the request of the design. This can also make the material closer after they are rolled. However, this has an exception. It is except that before the high-pressure grinding material layer except the broken part of the single particle can occur. When the material is being rolled, it should be given enough pressure.

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