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Good Double Layer Roll Forming Machine Accessories

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In double layer roll forming machine accessories, many can produce various high quality surface smooth glazed tiles; the tile is widely used in building roof decoration. This double layer roll forming machine accessories adopts high-tech, and can provide convenient wheel conversion device. This type can be equipped with computer control system and the adjustable length of 120 mm.

Double layer roll form machine accessories’ characteristics of the raceway deposit type mechanical parking equipment, according to the conveyors, the position of the shaft, and other mechanical systems of different design the double conveyors. Three car race deposit type mechanical parking equipment, parking spaces double conveyors, and double layer roll forming machine accessories have various ways of deposit type mechanical parking equipment, double conveyors, raceway for plane mobile parking equipment, three car race double conveyors, backup storage type mechanical parking equipment. Four plans are introduced in detail the structure of each scheme, car process and draw process. Double layer roll forming machine accessories’ storage capacity of car/area ratio, access time to do some of the main parameters, such as the calculation analysis, laid the foundation for comprehensive evaluation of different schemes as the roll forming machine is for sale.

Roll forming machine for sale is good. The bear pressure is usually 3 -- 4 mm, tube thickness too thick pipe need to customize, steel pipe rolling machine, and the minimum can pressure 50 mm steel tube, working voltage is 380 v, and motor for wire. Double layer roll forming machine accessories uses channeling machine is in the use of groove joint for pipe fittings, pipe for special tools to deal with. Working principle is the rotation of concave roller drive pipe rotation, slowly on the cylinder under the action of convex roller pressure in the tube, thus forming the groove, for use under the car. Double layer roll forming machine accessories can be used to fire, water, mine and so on the installation of pipes. Channeling machine structure: the machine cabinet made of cast iron HT250, spindle for the production after quenched and tempered, front-end for double roller bearing, power is various, reasonable structure and durable.

Double layer roll forming machine accessories belonging to the rolling forming technology, includes the fuselage, the rolling pressure on roller mechanism, institution. The fuselage is "door" type, including column, beam, which includes connection under rolling mechanism under hydraulic motor under active roller and a passive roller at the same time to be used under the thrust of the clamping, the two axis respectively installed at the bottom of the column, two axle shaft end relative. Double layer roll forming machine accessories’ mechanism includes an installed on the lifting bracket, axis and the active roller axis parallel connection of the hydraulic motor on the active roller and lifting gear, lifting bracket and elevator guide rail. Hydraulic motor and active roller drive on a connection. Lifting device is fixed on the beam, and by the lifting rod connected to the lifting bracket. The advantage of double layer roll forming machine accessories is that the intensity is high, the upper and lower fuselage both active roller with driving force, rolling pressure and resistance is small, so it can make large wheel rim, the thickness of the product evenly, stable quality, vibration and noise is small, and is easy to load and unload and the machine service life is long.
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