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Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machines Working Principle

Release date:2014-09-04

Glazed tile roll forming machines are used in the production of glazed tiles. Glazed tile roll forming machines are composed of several parts from the outside structure as charging rack, loading rack, feed guiding device, the host molding device, punching and forming cutting device, hydraulic station and computer control cabinet. Glazed tile roll forming machines have the advantages of beautiful appearance, simple and elegant, elegant shape with characteristics such as high grade, and can be widely used in garden type factories. The working principle of glazed tile roll forming machine are uncoiling -- straight inducing-- molding-- -- cut --material receiving, while the device configurations are uncoiling machine, forming machine, hydraulic cutter system, electric control system, hydraulic pump station system, product discharge frame.

Characteristics of glazed tile roll forming machines are several ones:
1. Have the advantages of small volume, light weight, convenient movement and transportation, small occupied space.
2. The use of a machine, a variety of functions, through the purchase of corresponding head, it can produce different varieties, specifications of brick and tile. Provides convenience to the user according to the demand of the market, a variety of flexible operation, avoid a single product under the market risk.
3. Glazed tile roll forming machines working power is small, save energy, you should reduce the cost of production.
4. Reduce the labor force and the labor intensity to improve work efficiency and minimize the cost of production.

As for the glazed tile roll forming machine installation, we need to pay attention that much general installation should be taken care for the color roll forming equipment and screw selection. In the same building structure or the roof frames also has some temperature displacement as long as the roof is big enough, but still reduce the roof panel and the supporting surface displacement. Finally, you should know because the purlin buckling, especially in the middle of the span, further reducing the difference dynamic displacement.

Fixing glazed tile roll forming machine installment can be penetration type and concealment type of the two. Penetration type fixation is the most common way of roof and wall color steel equipment installation, with self-tapping screws or rivets, color Plate fixed on the support. And penetration type fixation can be classified as wave fixed, trough fixed and both of their combination. There is a very simple, economic and effective method, before installing the roof plate, in double-sided reflecting foil film on purine or strip, this method also can be used as steam isolation to reduce the rally. In addition to concealment fixed by screws, other screws with anti-water washer and according to the plate and special air pressure situation are equipped with the corresponding special gasket. The current supply of screws is with plastic heads or covers coating with stainless steel or coated with a durable special protective.

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