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Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine Maintenance

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1, Modern glazed tile roll forming machine operation will be vibrated and can be broadly summarized as the following two reasons of inappropriate operation.

The first support means improper torque adjustment. The device is used to balance the torque of the press rolls during operation for the reaction force acting on the material of the roller caused. If you install improperly adjusted, the adjustment nut on the loose and easy with disc spring during operation will be issued on "Pata, Pata" crash, serious cause fragmentation disc spring, resulting in vibration of glazed tile roll forming machine.

Second, too much back feed roller press systems contain too much fines content. In this case, due to the low density of the fine powder, mixed with the gas there between, in which the extrusion through the high pressure zone with the higher the density and the gas inclusions gathered into bubbles with bubble rupture under high pressure, resulting in vibrating roller press of glazed tile roll forming machine price. Further, it slides between the powder when it is pulled into the extrusion of high pressure area with easy sliding, vibration can also cause the roller pressure.

2, According to the traditional practice of maintenance, shaft equipment are generally worn out or split shaft together with the glazed tile roll forming machine, to repair the unit maintenance outsourcing brush handle. But as a roller press, the bulky, heavy weight, outside repairs, high costs incurred, long downtime, affect the operation of the glazed tile roll forming machine. Polymer composites can be used on-site maintenance; more sophisticated applications blessed Blue World Series. Polymer composites have excellent adhesion, resistance to stress and the overall performance, through the rapid construction site for worn bearings can achieve online digital restoration, as long as the surface is exposed to wear and tear, and can effectively avoid quick fixes equipment and improve lifespan of the glazed tile roll forming machines.

3. The maintenance side of the baffle side effect of roll forming machine for sale pressure is to prevent the material does not go through a roller press squeezed directly from the ends of the roll surface of the powder material when you raise the yield rate and plays a vital platform effect. The side fences are mainly abrasion wear, so wear of the side surface of the baffle used in the repair material should be wear-resistant material with high hardness. Wear side baffle design is reasonable for the size of the roller press roller great influence on both sides of the edge, reasonable overlap with the side portion of the roller size 10 -20 mm, side fence and roller end clearance of less than 2 mm, but not in contact with the roller side, so that both play a very good gauge effect, it will not lead to serious wear and tear roll edge. In addition, the side fences must always be checked and found to be timely replacement of worn material leak repair, prevent roll edge wear.
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